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  1. Vanilla

    Aqua Artwork - Birth By Sleep

    This looks lovely~! You have really clean and defined line work, and the solid coloring showcases that and allows the lines to breathe. I also like how the image is cropped! Great sense of action and the placement of Aqua balances out the composition nicely. I'm curious what materials you used...
  2. Vanilla

    Checking Back In

    Hey! Petra here, though I don't think anyone knew me by this name back when I was still active. Before my username was Vanilla I went by doomprinny/doom. Yikes that feels like a past life now. Hopefully this is an acceptable place to post this? I haven't used forums in close to a decade. While...
  3. Vanilla

    Some Recent Things?

    Seeing as I've been a ghost lately and haven't been tagging for a few months so I thought I'd share? Sure alright. (in order of oldest to newest)
  4. Vanilla


    Just a bit of experimentation, by salvaging some stocks from the depths of my files. I'm mainly posting these for your thoughts. If you wish to claim one, I request that you give thoughtful opinions and suggestions. tl;dr Critique before requesting Just include which icon you would like at...
  5. Vanilla


    What happened I do not understand You used to be so beautiful
  6. Vanilla


    Why am I tagging again? D: Messing around in photoshop is enjoyable, prepare for the Raspberyl Armada? critique would be lovely. FIRST WAVE SECOND WAVE
  7. Vanilla

    Hurr this old thing again

    FUUUCK, DISGAEA 3!!! THEY BIG SO YOU CAN C THEM. Yeh they're pretty simplistic, only recolored them. Like my usual shitty icon posts; post here if you want them. Ask for a size and which icon that you want, no two people will have the same icon. Only because I find it silly. :D I will pm you...
  8. Vanilla

    Traps lol

    So uh, I've been intrigued lately about the fears people seem to have with homosexual males/females and people that simply blur the lines of gender identity. Frankly I wish to know what causes some of you to have a dislike/fear or be bothered by individuals of whom may not directly belong in a...
  9. Vanilla

    Help/Support ► My Bro Is Gay

    lol i can't believe this thread is still alive. But dont worry, i'd be pissed if my brother wus ghey, we're hard to deal with. :/
  10. Vanilla


    Some Boys Love for you. <3 Original characters Syringe(the trap looking one), and Striker(dominate).
  11. Vanilla

    A.meagari A.ssignment #002

    A.MEAGARI A.SSIGNMENT #002 For this assignment we'll finally have a clan logo!! XD Please follow the rules. - Yes, it seems we finally have another assingment. 8D Hopefully this will be more succesful that our first assignment.. - Size: Normal size, no bigger than 400 x 300 Stock: Anything...
  12. Vanilla

    Happy Birthday Hana!! XD;

    Happy Birthday Hanatori! Today, Is my Love Hanatori's Birthday! She's be turning 15 this year! I hope her the best this year! So drop in and give a shout out to KHi's sexiest member! XD;
  13. Vanilla


    ameagari.no.{kioku} [Memories of >> after the r.a.i.n.] ((This is a graphics clan Based on things [New] Our current members: -Doomprinny- -Hanatori- -Epilogue- -Color Me Evil- -Apple- -MilkMan- -Sweet Raine- -GamerGirl- -Digital Gopher- {{ Applications Available }} T.his will be a...
  14. Vanilla

    Hello all

    I am new to this forum and it seems very active so I hope I have a lot of fun xD