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  1. Antiquity

    Meow Wow Plush on SE shop

    Not sure if this is new or not, but the Meow Wow Plush has now been added to the NA Square Enix Shop for $34.99. Meow Wow Plush And it's recommended ;)
  2. Antiquity

    North American KH3D Site Update!

    North American KH3D Site Update! - Kingdom Hearts Insider
  3. Antiquity

    Preorder KH3D from Gamestop!

    Preorder KH3D from Gamestop! - Kingdom Hearts Insider Didn't know if I should've mentioned it in the other thread, but oh well. Dream Drop Distance is available for pre-order now. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Pre-Order C'mon bundle and snazzy pre-order bonus!
  4. Antiquity

    More KH merchandise @ Hot Topic

    Searched and I didn't find anything (so let me know if it's old). Seems like Hot Topic has recently come out with a bunch of KH merchandise. Check it out below! Clothes Disney Kingdom Hearts Heartless Emblem Zip Hoodie Disney Kingdom Hearts Pajama Pants (probably to go with that shirt) There...
  5. Antiquity

    Birth by Sleep Pre-Orders at Gamestop

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep A pre-order for BBS has shown up on the Gamestop website. The placeholder will be adjusted for when the real date is announced. Thought it'd be something to mention. Well I know what I'm doing the next time I pass by Gamestop >:3
  6. Antiquity

    More KH Merchandise at HT

    Looks like Hot Topic recently added some new merchandise to their store. Two new shirts and, for some reason pins. One shirt features Organization Mickey and another one shows a group photo with Sora and the others. The first pin is the Heartless Logo and the other is one of Sora on a throne...
  7. Antiquity

    Woot! My Birthday!

    9/9/09 Nice sort of slot-machine deal there. Turning 16 today. No learner's permit. No license. Driver's ed cost how much?! Was planning to spend my birthday at Disney World. Baw. How can I say woot? Dx Oh well. I'm busy this week anyway. Picking up a dress for homecoming, going to a...
  8. Antiquity

    School Pranks

    Yesterday a bunch of students at my school decided to protest against the dress code of two new deans we got this year. Both female, they go after us for wearing too short of shorts (booty-tight) and too skinny of jeans/pants. A quick dress-code note: Shorts have to be fingertip length. I agree...
  9. Antiquity

    New Roxas Illustration

    News has been slow so...lookie what I saw on Hearstation today. An illustration of Roxas, released in a magazine and autographed by Nomura. Caught by FFAC Reunion. Here (click) Thanks to Gildragon for providing the new link ^^ A new Coded section has been set up on the site and we got a bit of...
  10. Antiquity

    N. Korea's Kim Jong Il has Pancreatic Cancer

    Feel free to move to Quirky if it doesn't belong out here or whatever. Read some more here: Report: NKorea's Kim has pancreatic cancer Oh...? Surprise...? I don't think I am.
  11. Antiquity

    Cop Tases 72-Year-Old Granny

    Just what the title says. Apparently she got tasered for getting "violent" and pretty much not cooperating...in Texas. See the rest of the story here ---> Link Right? Wrong? Discuss.
  12. Antiquity

    Shamwow Guy Arrested

    Yep, the lovable dude we know on the TV got arrested for beating a prostitute. Cannibal...? Link---->Shamwow guy arrest for beating prostitute And look at that mugshot! Link---->Here it is Discuss.
  13. Antiquity

    Shoe Statue Dedication

    Searched the forum and didn't really find a thread on this. If there is one that I missed, let me know so I can get rid of this one please. Uh...apparently... Link-->Saddam's hometown unveils statue dedicated to man who threw shoe at President Bush It's a giant shoe...with a plant apparently...
  14. Antiquity

    Fruity goodness

    As the title says, this is about fruit. What ones do you eat? What ones you like as drinks too I guess. Bunches to choose from. For me: oranges apples grapes pineapple cherries plums peaches pears strawberries watermelon (sometimes) tomato (HAH! Alright then) Omit several bunches of those...
  15. Antiquity

    Safe Haven Law

    So this law's been going around for a while now, but it's only been recently that some controversy has popped up over it. It was intended for infants, but look what's turned into. More Dropped Off Under Safe Haven Law Should be a few more articles there on this topic. Discuss. I personally...
  16. Antiquity

    Childhood stuff

    Anybody ever keep anything they got from their childhood through the years? Can be special, a memory, a piece of crap, toys, etc. whatever you got. Over the years I've kept; Jewelry Box my mom gave me along with the stickers I put on it when I was younger B-day cards (meh, it's stuff)...
  17. Antiquity


    Today's my 15th birthday! ^^ And still, I'm a year younger than most of my friends. Time for crashing cars! Mwhahahaha! :P
  18. Antiquity

    Worst weather

    Lot of crack weather going around where I live and everywhere else, so it got me to posting this thread. What's the worst weather to go through? Doesn't limit to where you live, could be anywhere else. Been through bad weather, then tell all of what happened. Natural disasters are also...
  19. Antiquity

    Anti-Drug Ads

    Basically all the anti drug/alcohol/smoking ads on the T.V. and everywhere else. Thought it was something possibly good to bring up, maybe not. I personally think the ads are pretty good, but should be getting to people a little bit more. Good for them to point out that most of the people in...
  20. Antiquity

    Help/Support ► Bitter-sweet = Normal?

    Here I am again. A few months ago, I think it was March, I came home from school and my mom had something important to tell me. Apparently, my dad had passed on the 1st of February and she had just gotten a call from Child Services that day. We started talking about him a little bit and my mom...