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  1. Mickey Mouse

    Birth By Sleep on PSPgo the answer revealed!

    When does Birth By Sleep come out in America?
  2. Mickey Mouse

    Ratchet and Clank Series

    Has anyone ever played Ratchet and Clacnk except me? Its one of my favorite video game series cause its an amazing game.
  3. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse vs Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora

    Who would win Me Mickey Mouse or Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora in a fight? I think a Mickey Mouse cause hes way more experienced than Sora but eventually Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora would beat him but eventually.
  4. Mickey Mouse

    Xemnas and Ventus?

    I think Ventus would beat Xemnas in a fight just saying.
  5. Mickey Mouse

    Milon's Secret Castle

    Has anyone ever played Milon's Secret Castle? It's the worst game in history because it makes no sense ad has no story. If anyone know's about it lets discuss it.
  6. Mickey Mouse


    Hi and I'm new here and have a few questions. It says I'm a nobody and i saw a few people with a Keyblader or something like that how do I become one of those? Also how do I put a picture for me?
  7. Mickey Mouse

    Golden Sun

    Has anybody except me ever play Golden Sun? Its a game that was on the Gameboy and is coming out on the DS systems and I think Wii.