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  1. Arkrend

    The premise behind the test seems to be flawed...

    The whole flashback system seemed like they were just trying to make mementos be useful for more than just summaries of the previous games. All it really accomplished was making the game's plot feel disjointed. Instead of just starting out in Mysterious Tower, and training a little bit, Riku...
  2. Arkrend

    I have some questions on some of the things in the late stages of the games *SPOILERS*

    Well there is a spoiler section for these kind of threads. There you go.
  3. Arkrend

    So how many USA people have KH DDD already?

    He could. It's illegal to sell games before their release date. You should tell your friend he could get in a lot of trouble for this, and he should stop before he gets caught. If Square found out they wouldn't be happy. Publishers don't like their games being released until they say so.
  4. Arkrend

    Gameinformer KH3D Review

    Because review sites are useless. They let anyone rate the game, before it even comes out, and their actual rating is based on how hyped the game is and how much money they might potentially lose if they give a low score. The only honest review sites are places like GiantBomb, and cvg.
  5. Arkrend

    No Dream Eaters?

    Blasphemy. The only way Buscus can be annoying is if you have a severe case of nosenseofhumoritis. It's the number one disease affecting domestic cats in Canada. Dream Eaters who awesome so there's no way I'd let any of them die. Those links are too much fun.
  6. Arkrend

    Should BBS/BBSFM be ported to the 3DS?

    Porting a game between platforms doesn't depend on the engine's graphics or anything like. You need to make adjustments to the native/source code of the engine to accommodate play on another platform if you want to port it. Not as hard or time consuming as people think. Though I doubt a port...
  7. Arkrend

    Petition for Kingdom Hearts 3D Translated.

    True, but how difficult would it be to get the usual people that do their translations for them?
  8. Arkrend

    Petition for Kingdom Hearts 3D Translated.

    You sure? Because I get the feeling that if the OP had been in Italian then this thread would be about five pages long filled with nothing other than posts that said, "Lol. Speak English." except worded differently. Then the thread would be locked, and no one would have bothered to have learned...
  9. Arkrend

    EU Version of DDD only with English, French and German subtitles.

    I think they just misunderstood your post, and was making a general comment towards the previous subject about fans in Spain and Italy learning English. That's why the first quote was a quote of whatpower's comment about learning English because it's common. I think the real issue is that...
  10. Arkrend

    A Small Change to the NA Edition of KH (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    Nope. I haven't even played Final Fantasy XIII-2.
  11. Arkrend

    A Small Change to the NA Edition of KH (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    The 3DS supports patching and DLC. There is no development reason for there to be a final mix aside from Square exploiting how the Japanese market will eat whatever they give them. I'd figure that since they started supporting DLC with the Final Fantasy games that Kingdom Hearts would get the...
  12. Arkrend

    WAAAIT! Seven Keyholes of Sleep?

    You do know that the things that change a game's performance are things like the complexity of the AI, the complexity of the code, etc. Graphics are pretty big on that, but there are other factors. The fact that you can switch between characters at any moment is obviously something that effects...
  13. Arkrend

    Wait a minute....

    Significance? No, but it's something expected considering they always do it. I predict that the next time Kingdom Hearts will be summoned a new method will be used, because that's what Square always does. Well it's implied Master Xehanort already knew about the Princesses in Birth By Sleep...
  14. Arkrend

    Wait a minute....

    We only know a few way to access Kingdom Hearts, but each main game in the series introduces a new method. - Princesses of Heart - Gathering the hearts of men to create an artificial Kingdom Hearts - Using the X-Blade to bring Kingdom Hearts directly to you. I don't think they'll the same...
  15. Arkrend

    Wait a minute....

    Square tends to use the numbers 7 and 13 a lot. 13 floors in castle Oblivion. 13 members of Organization XIII. 13 worlds in Kingdom Hearts I. 7 Princesses. 7 people who need saving. 7 Keyholes of Sleep. I'm not sure if the Princesses will ever be relevant again. Organization XIII...
  16. Arkrend

    Looking for some sense.

    Ventus is inside Sora. Apprentice Xehanort. Which one? There are multiple ones together, and the only way to understand how is to wait for the changes to the series. Retcons are going to be added to Dream Drop Distance. They need to relearn how to use the Keyblade. It's temporary. We...
  17. Arkrend

    Looking for some sense.

    Sora, and Riku entered the Realm of Sleep. The need to unlock the seven Keyholes of Sleep in order to save the worlds that are trapped within the Realm of Sleep. Sora, and Riku are young again, because Yen Sid is retraining them. They need to unlearn everything the learned before so they have...
  18. Arkrend

    Xemnas IS Terra?

    Sadly this is the flaw in you theory. Terra's heart did not go to sleep like Ven's heart. Ven's heart didn't join Sora's Heartless, because Ven could not leave Sora's body. Ven lacked darkness, and he couldn't survived without Sora, so he remained in Sora's body. Terra's heart doesn't have...
  19. Arkrend

    So the DDD Jump Festa video got me thinking about Roxas an Xion... (from their breif apperances)

    And did what with it? I'm guessing Roxas isn't the submissive type. That's how Sora is with Riku. The second Sora saw Riku, he got on his knees.
  20. Arkrend

    Days would have been better if it was on the PSP

    I have noticed that Kingdom Hearts games on Sony consoles tend to be better, not just graphically, but I don't think the major parts of Days would have been different. - Xion would still be there. - The plot would have been the same. - Half of the Organization would have been wiped out in the...