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  1. kaialone

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The Plot Thickens

    Something I just thought about: When Darkness first told Maleficent about "the ark", they told her that in order to access it, she'd first have to exit the data world, and go to the real version of the tower, and then find the ark there. Meaning that, if this machine is really supposed to be...
  2. kaialone

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The Plot Thickens

    Ventus and Vanitas rejoined with one another at the end of Birth by Sleep, so any darkness inside Ven in KH3 could've easily gotten back into Ven. Right?
  3. kaialone

    Question regarding Quest 555 (Spoilers)

    (Sorry if this doesn't belong here, it's been a while for me) When I played Quest 555, Master Ava disguised herself as Master Ira when fighting me. Now, my Union is Vulpes, and I'm interested if she transforms into other Masters based on what Union you're in? I'm especially interested in what...
  4. kaialone

    did anybody else... hate Aqua?

    I dont hate fictional characters,I only like them.In fact I dont even hate real people.
  5. kaialone

    Ienzo's aging

    Maybe he turned into a Nobody later?He´s the lowest Number of the Original members after all
  6. kaialone

    Why people wield keyblades?

    Sora got the keyblade that was supposed to be Riku´s.When Riku was deemed not worthy to wield it,it chose the next possible candidate.And who would fit that role better than Sora?He already had the heart of a Keyblade wielder inside of him so why not? *cough*nottomentionhesthemaincharacter*cough*
  7. kaialone

    A powerful weapon's name...

    Re: CHI-blade Yeah,And I think thats sad.Dont get me wrong its alright ,what I think doesnt matter that much anyways.
  8. kaialone

    A powerful weapon's name...

    Re: CHI-blade My knowledge of the greek language reaches not that far.I know that the ancient greeks pronounced some stuff different but I dont know how they pronounced Chi. But as I said in modern times it should not be pronounced as "Kai" since eits NOT a english letter.
  9. kaialone

    A powerful weapon's name...

    Re: CHI-blade I have to say that pronouncing the greek letter Chi like "Key" is more closed to how greek people pronounce it,though its more pronounced like "Hi" (with he H as in "human") anyways.But the point is that pronouncing "i" like "ai" in forgein words is a common mistake in the english...
  10. kaialone

    MX Homeland/ Yensid

    It was never stated that Ven was from DI
  11. kaialone

    They did it again

    Didnt Nomura once say that all nobodies got the abbilitis of their somebodies?Thus in order for Xigbar to be able to have those gravity abillities Braig would need to have them ,too
  12. kaialone

    Ventus and Terra English Commands & Keyblades

    Re: Ventus and Terra Its the english patch 252525252525252525
  13. kaialone

    20 KH Mysteries Solved! Sort of.

    But Sora has been conected to Ven since his birth ,thus he was kinda "born" a wielder ,i think.If he nevr connected with Ven he would probably have a different personality and stuff
  14. kaialone

    Realm of Darkness- how much time?

    I think its in fact 10 years,but they dont affect your body that much.Aqua herself said that she cant remember how long shes been walking.And if you re-read DiZ reports from when he was in the Dark Realm you can see that it was similar in his case.You just dont feel time anymore,making it...
  15. kaialone


    Problem is that we still dont know the rue nature of heartless.We know that theyre basicly lost hearts wrapped in darkness ,yet we dont know why purebloods dont release hearts and why emblems do.And we dont know how the heartless producing machine worked (do you trow humans in and they get...
  16. kaialone

    Xehanort's Keyblade

    No he didnt,he wanted to use Ven to create the X-Blade ,wich he wanted to use to "open" Kingdom Hearts or something and to bring forth a new Keyblade War Edit:Regarding MX´s keyblade heres the vid YouTube - [sub]BBS: TER16 Story End sadly its almost impossible to see what exactly he did :(
  17. kaialone

    Xehanort's Keyblade

    well he summons KH but i cant remember if it was his keyblade that became the orb
  18. kaialone

    Powers/ Abilities of the keyblade?

    No problem ^^ 25252525252525252525
  19. kaialone

    Favorite line in Birth By Sleep?

    He said that in the game ,too.
  20. kaialone

    Favorite line in Birth By Sleep?

    Terra(to Aqua) :"Thats awfully feminine of you." I lol´d