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  1. TheDood

    Help/Support ► I Miss Her Severely.

    I agree with above, you just gotta keep on talking to her and try to get past this time. I mean it's not like it'll be this way forever, right?
  2. TheDood

    Sup, been awhile! <3

    Not sure if anyone remembers me, or if anyone I talked to is still around. But I'm back, so I'm saying "hi!" To all the old people I may have known, and possible people I may meet. :)
  3. TheDood

    Random Fandom

    &RANDOM FANDOM; This Fanclub is dedicated to randomness, because we know everyone loves the randomness!!! No need to ask to join this Fanclub That's totally not random JUST COME IN AND BE RANDOM. Like sursly Hairy Hippos LETS GET TO IT.
  4. TheDood

    The Nobodies (OOC/Sign-Ups)

    -Story(or info, blah)- So there's this mysterious group, known to others as 'The Cult'. No one knows of thier members, thier goal, or thier purpose. They however, know that Sora has to be eliminated, the sooner the better. In attempt to be rid of him, they resurrected the Organization using...
  5. TheDood

    Fanfiction ► ~ Good Day, Mary-Sue ~

    I should really start reading this it sounds interesting with all the good things people say about it
  6. TheDood

    Training Time!

    Hell. I didn't level at all, I just wanted to see the story and what not soo probably 4-6
  7. TheDood

    358/2 thought

    Thats pretty neat. never noticed or heard that before =p
  8. TheDood

    How Do You Unlock Behemut?

    Yeah, but in the sense of Bahamut he is the same thing. just more pwn.
  9. TheDood

    Organization Priority List

    Droul = Dice Roll in a sense =p
  10. TheDood

    How Do You Unlock Behemut?

    Way cooler in my opinion YouTube - Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core - Bahamut ZERO
  11. TheDood

    i found a kid that looks like Riku

    Maybe it was the hair that threw me off.
  12. TheDood

    i found a kid that looks like Riku

    ROFL! I never noticed!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. TheDood

    i found a kid that looks like Riku

    Eh, I have seen better http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/lunarpsyche/cosplay/riku.jpg roflmao
  14. TheDood

    Crisis Core in BBS?

    Yeah, it's SOLDIER uniform
  15. TheDood

    Crisis Core in BBS?

    Yeah that is Zack This is Angeal http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd276/MichaelRebirth/artwork4.jpg
  16. TheDood

    The Organized few (Brainstorming)

    What is known so far for our rp. Xemnas and Roxas are gone for good! II. Xigbar - TheDood III. Xaldin - anbu2 IV. Vexen - V. Lexaeus - VI. Zexion - Xziled VII. Saïx - ShadowRikuRising VIII. Axel - Darkkeyblade123 IX. Demyx - WerewolfNobody X. Luxord - Imperial Chaos XI. Marluxia - Azazel XII...
  17. TheDood

    Ven, a memory? A thought that I had...

    Yeah, I like this.. it makes a lot more sense then most of the theories I have seen
  18. TheDood

    khfm2+ in america or at least how to try

    Hmm.. I could hold onto it for everyone *shifty eyes*
  19. TheDood

    KH2FM is what the original KH2 should have been

    Yeah that would have been better, but then again they got more money out of it all so I don't square would care =p
  20. TheDood

    Fanfiction ► A new Birth (kh Story)

    Agreed with above posts, this stuff looks pretty sweet.. totally gonna keep an eye on this fanfic