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  1. DMoCTTA

    My Kingdom Hearts 3 Theories (Worlds, Characters, Storylines)

    So yesterday in class I decide to start putting out different Kingdom Hearts 3 theories I had written down into video form. These theories are ones that I believe have SOME shot of being in the game (no, I really don't [and thankfully] think Marvel will be in KH3). The first one I made is...
  2. DMoCTTA

    The Sunari Fanclub

    To Sunari, the #1. player on our team who is leaving us as a free agent to sign a bigger contract. *cough*call me to join them too *cough* I wrote a song for you, called Baby Baby, Sunari Oh :( You might think I know it all And maybe I'm headin' for a fall I'm just that brainiac guy Left...
  3. DMoCTTA

    Chi Heartless EXP Ratio [Most Efficient/Fastest Way To Level Up]

    So I did some research :cool: and figured the best way to get the most exp. For those who like seeing images instead of text click here: Chi Leveling Video Now on to the analysis (note: all the exp is based off of when they are first encountered in the game): Dwarf Woodlands top 3 Exp ratio...
  4. DMoCTTA

    Looking to interview a few Chi players

    Hey guys! As a told a few of the people on here, I want to spice up my videos a bit and show a few Chi players in interviews to build a friendlier/fun(ner?) community! So basically here's a few things I kinda would need to interview you: *Skype *A fun non-monotone attitude...cuz otherwise...
  5. DMoCTTA

    I made a Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] rap ^_^

    So uh yeah. I woke up today and when I was playing Kingdom Hearts Chi my friend sent me a song to use in my videos...and I sorta was like "man, this would make a great background music to a Kingdom Hearts rap!" So it was fun to make, I kinda put what everyone thinks about the games (ups and...
  6. DMoCTTA

    Anyone else get a free moogle berry in their box today?

    I logged on and it showed I got a berry o_O ... I don't know how though. Yesterday I bought one (and got one from the 300 heartless quest) but used both of those. Just wondering if it was another freebie or what :confused: