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    New Vanitas/Ven theory/ Xehanort

    Ever hear of "lying?" >_> The only one who comments on what Xehanort remembers is Ansem the Wise. I'd have to agree with you on that. I liked the idea until the whole thing with the whole recombination thing failing and then Ventus floats around and ends up with Sora... Eh, it makes little...
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    MX gives Braig his scars?

    That's entirely possible as well. The Apprentices were doing all sorts of nasty experiments in the lab after BBS, so it's certainly possible Braig either signed up for them or was forced to do them by the others (Braig's mouth may have put him on the wrong end of Aeleus' fist...). >.> I could...
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    Xehanort And Braig in BBS

    uh... Braig isn't Xehanort's partner at all in Birth By Sleep... like... not even remotely. Braig remembers Ventus after becoming Xigbar, so I'd assume he remembers the others as well. Also, Xehanort isn't seen fighting Braig. >_>;; And, no one said that Master Xehanort is the same Xehanort who...
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    New VJump scans (Jan 2010 issue) (translated)

    Pretty sure this won't be the case. Also, why do you assume he's Evil? Just because he goes against the player characters does not mean that he is "evil." It just makes him an antagonist. His views may be the "correct" ones and he may be in the right at the end. "Evil" and "good" are terms not...
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    MX gives Braig his scars?

    It's unique in that it's jagged. Whatever cut him dragged through the skin, making multiple, short slices through the skin, bunching it up then cutting it as it went. Something serrated would have an effect similar to that. Something very interesting to note is that many people in KH get beat...
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    MX gives Braig his scars?

    He didn't seem irritated at all, actually. Also, if he held bad blood towards Ventus, he would have treated Roxas quite a bit worse than he did and certainly would not have made it clear that he cares about Roxas' future. :\ Unfortunately, I don't think we're gonna get to see the scarring...
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    Olympus World Cut?

    I really would hope they didn't cut it out. I really want to see Phil bitch out Hercules over wanting to become a hero. He's always got his head so far up Herc's butt in KH1 - KH2 that it'd be funny seeing him putting down Herc as a Junior Hero. Lawl. Unfortunately, I can easily see them moving...
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    what are the old org members doing?

    See: Birth By Sleep secret ending to KH2:FM. :\
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    New Playable Character?

    Judging from shape of the characters and battle stances, Sleep is Aqua, BIRTH is Ventus, KINGDOM is Terra, and HEARTS looks to be Vanitas. o-o; Unless he's mid-attack, he's in the Vanitas/Riku stance.
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    BBS travel methods

    It would have actually been an interesting plot point that Terra decided to/was told to use Corridors of Darkness instead of Light and did so without any protection, thus leading to his fall into Darkness. Unfortunately, if they use bikes instead of Corridors, this would not work so well. :\ I...
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    Master Xehanort in Radiant Garden

    It all makes sense to me aside from... Master Xehanort was seen fighting Ventus, Aqua, and Terra with one hand without even flinching. He's not going to roll over and get beat by some (excuse the mean terms directed towards Braig, it's relative) scrawny kid who shoots magic bullets. Nope. I...
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    what are the old org members doing?

    Eh, it's possible it was memory related, as I still think Xehanort's creation had something to do with Kingdom Hearts and we have no ideas of the capabilities of that thing. I'm mostly just hoping they don't use that shitty storytelling device a second time. "Oh, nobody mentions him because they...
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    BBS travel methods

    He probably gave up on that because "corridors of light" would be too easy and make too much more sense than transforming Keyblades.
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    I don't think Braig is a "bad guy" in BBS

    Maybe he witnesses Master Xehanort kill another Master. ;P He took down MX in his weakened state and kidnapped him in order to attempt to get Xehanort to pass his Keyblade on to Braig. I think the Master Xehanort capture is the very beginning of the game, where he's first seen after confirmed...
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    BBS travel methods

    Gummi Ships are airships. D: I did blame Nomura for creating them. I'm still having trouble understanding the mechanics of them. How can a weapon made of metal which stands up to about your waist transform into a craft that supports your weight and is three times your size? :\ KEYBLADE...
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    BBS travel methods

    oooo Keybikes. That's a good term for them. Also, retarded describes them perfectly. Personally, I hate the concept completely and am really upset over the idea of transforming Keyblades. It brings up way more questions than it answers. For example, why can't Mickey use one? Why can't Sora...
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    New Picture Of Braig.

    "Stress: Forces from the outside world impinging on the individual. Stress is a normal part of life that can help us learn and grow. Conversely, stress can cause us significant problems." [link] Technically, Stress is the reason for everything in Kingdom Hearts.
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    what are the old org members doing?

    Xehanort's Heartless only wrote 12 and 13. 2-11 were written by Xehanort. It's possible Ansem never meets the three of them. There are guards outside the castle who do not seem to want to let anyone in. It's entirely possible that ATV never manage to gain entry to the castle at all. Ansem has...
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    NOT spoiling myself

    I have actually never spoiled myself with one of the games until this time. >.>; The only spoilers from Days I saw was that one little thing where they showed off Xion's face. I've been keeping up with all of the BBS news and shiz, but I intend to vanish come January 9th, only hanging around...
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    New VJump scans (Jan 2010 issue) (translated)

    They all walked through the door to the Heart of Radiant Garden. o-o I think the scarf may indicate status of some sort, so I'd say Ienzo wouldn't sport a scarf, considering he's the youngest of the Apprentices. Technically none of the Nobodies could possibly be emo, considering emo is short...