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  1. GokaiWhite

    [IMG] "A Keyblade infused with Getter Rays. The three parts of the blade can be rearranged for...

    "A Keyblade infused with Getter Rays. The three parts of the blade can be rearranged for varying effects." 123- Balanced stats, enables use of Getter Beam 231- Superior speed and magic, enables use of Getter Drill 312- Superior strength and defense, enables use of Getter Smash Hopefully...
  2. GokaiWhite

    Be Prepared... (for Prince Charming)

    I made this "music video" tribute to The Lion King, as if to set up the Shrek version of Prince Charming as the main antagonist of a game with Dreamworks-based worlds and characters. Not only would PC be similar to Scar in many respects, but his rallying many older Disney villains that have not...
  3. GokaiWhite

    News ► Square Enix announces brand new Kingdom Hearts mobile game

    Dark Path was extremely close! In fact I may use it as another building block for my conceptual world "Planet DP-71", which would be inhabited by characters from Go Nagai's works like Mazinger Z, Cutie Honey, Getter Robo, Abashiri Ikkka, and Devilman.
  4. GokaiWhite

    News ► Square Enix announces brand new Kingdom Hearts mobile game

    I think it might be called Dark Fate/Born/Path.
  5. GokaiWhite

    Fanfiction ► Sarah Serenity Fan Game

    I believe making a free fan game centered around Sarah Serenity would be a great way to get support for our campaign to get her into the actual series. Does anyone here know of someone who can make a fan game in the graphic style of the original Chain of Memories?
  6. GokaiWhite

    Getter Robo chi

    What if Donald and Goofy got their own gummi ships which can combine with Sora's, making their own Getter Robo to fight evil with? I got the meme template here.
  7. GokaiWhite

    Final Fantasy fanmade board game

    I made this board game for my Game Design class, and now I want to publish it with Square Enix. These stat cards in the above image are for easy reference to how many spaces your units can move, how much damage they inflict, and the area of effect within which they attack other units. The...
  8. GokaiWhite

    Fanfiction ► The New Bizarre Adventures of Laravan

    One is a street rat from the Royal City of Rabanastre, who helped take down a ruthless monarch; the other is a famed treasure huntress from London, who survived a terrible ordeal on the lost island of Yamatai; together, they embark on a bizarre adventure to defeat a joint operation between their...
  9. GokaiWhite

    Presenting Sarah Serenity!

    Yondu: *snickers* Sora: What? Yondu: This reminds me of when my boy said I looked like Mary Poppins! Sora: Who's that? Is he cool? Yondu: Heck yeah, he's cool! Sora: Just not quite twice as cool as us now, right? 'Cuz- Both: We're Mary Poppins, y'all!! So let's light it blue for Autism...
  10. GokaiWhite

    Presenting Sarah Serenity!

    https://www.thepetitionsite.com/102/109/827/ I have this friend named Sarah Cowan, who created her own character, Sarah Serenity. Since Sarah and I are both autistic, we figured this OC should be inducted into the actual series and become the first autistic Disney Princes, which would be a...
  11. GokaiWhite

    Bionic Fantasy

    In a time before time, there was a distant planet called Ankoku Nui, stricken by a terrible darkness. The lands were dried, scorched, withered, fractured, and nearly all manner of life has been extinguished. Ankoku Nui was on the brink of destruction, and only twelve warriors from worlds afar...
  12. GokaiWhite

    Let the Superhero Keyblade Wars begin!!!

    'Sup, guys? I'm the creator of Superhero Keyblade Wars. :smile: