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    *SPOILERS!!!* Opinions on a.... Certain Boss???

    oh haha sorry its been a while since ive been on the forums
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    *SPOILERS!!!* Opinions on a.... Certain Boss???

    SPOILERS!!!>>>>>>>>>> ok just had to make sure no one reads this if they haven't beaten the game. Anyway hi guys. Long time no talk huh? Hope you all are enjoying BBS. So have any of you tryed out the secret boss at the very end? the one that you can fight after you beat the vanitas lingering...
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    Gamestop Pre-Order Package

    Many of you may already know, but if you pre-order Birth by Sleep on the Gamestop website, you also receive free BBS PSP decals to put on your PSP. Thought it was pretty cool and others should know about it. Heres the link Gamestop.com - Buy Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Sony PSP
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    No Joke: New Trailer Unveiled. (With mystery VA)

    oh come on that is utterly fake. if it isnt the voice acting is terrible. ugh!
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    the voice.....

    Do you guys remember the voice that's in Sora's dream at the beginning and the one at the end? The one that says he will open the door to the light? Who is that talking anyway? Was it the king or someone? It's confusing the crap outta me. (another example of the voice is when it tells Sora to...
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    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    Re: Possible BBS NA Release Date THATS TOO DAMN LONG OF A WAIT!!!
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    New BBS Developer Interview Snippets

    woah. the started bbs before COM? didnt know that
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    the hardest mission

    leechgrave still gives me nightmares man
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    Kingdom Hearts TCG discontinued?!

    i just read off of fantasy flight games that they arent going to continue producing the KH TCG. i mean i dont play it or own any cards but i was gonna! now there gonna stop? tell me what you guys think?
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    Sora can wield Riku keyblade reverse like Ven does

    thats just how he grabbed the keyblade. good nuff?
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    Wait is almost over!

    cant believe its been 5 years! wow!
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    Unversed Spectrums.

    too long to read but it sounds like a good theory so good job
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    Your Favorite KH2 Scene

    i second that. or pretty much any scene where some1 says shut up. TAKE THAT DISNEY!:lol:
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    This sucks!!

    who is "they" cuz i know square hasnt said anything about that
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    possible VEN/SORA/ROXAS theories

    eh not bad theories. well except number 2 anyway. most of these have been thought of before though. but still pretty good and welcome to KHI
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    (Spoilers) Favorite cutscene in Days

    Re: Favorite cutscene in Days where *spoilers* (just in case i do this wrong)
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    I fought Terra for the First Time

    lol pointless thread but i respect it aint anything stupid. ya i feel ya dude. terra's an awesome fight. hope you beat him eventually
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    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    ugh i had problems with vexen (dont laugh) but when i beat him his card really helped me beat repliku
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    Kairi/Xion's Voice

    haha we all have to agree that the scream after fighting riku was very very pathetic. sorry but to me overall i just think Hayden is far more talented then any disney actress
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    Did anyone else cry a bit?

    i didnt cry when i saw that though i almost did when..... well you guys know what happened at the end (dont wanna spoil it for anyone)