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  1. sephydark

    KHUX ► So, Can it be played in any way?

    No, the game was too reliant on server-side calculation and nobody has bothered to make a fan server or anything like that. Recreating your character and watching the cutscenes is the best you can do.
  2. sephydark

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Namine Bring Arts figure coming August 2022

    I'm really happy to see some great merch for a character that doesn't get a lot of love from the series normally. I hope this means that they're going to release more merch for other characters that haven't gotten a lot of promotion so far.
  3. sephydark

    News ► How Sora Found His Way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    So the naysayers weren't exactly wrong, we just had a stroke of incredible luck that made it possible anyways! I'm continuously amazed by the amount of luck it's taken to bring Kingdom Hearts to us in the form it has. This seems exactly on brand!
  4. sephydark

    KHUX ► Ux offline version opinions?

    UX did a lot of calculations on the servers, so if they wanted to keep it running they would have either needed to keep the servers running or rewrite the code to move those calculations to the client (which they are doing with DR). They probably decided that those weren't worth it. As for the...
  5. sephydark

    Dark Road ► Seeing as Dark Road (maybe) releases tomorrow, I did a video predicting what will happen

    Wait I though we already knew Xehanort was the chosen one? Anyways, I basically agree with most of your predictions, though in terms of romance I don't think Xehanort's going to have anything with Urd; instead I think he's going to continue to come across as very gay for Eraqus but nothing's...
  6. sephydark

    What video games did you grow up with?

    I grew up with a PC but no consoles, and I played a lot of adventure games. Myst was my absolute favorite, but I also loved the Nancy Drew series. I got my PS2 and the first KH game in my freshman year of high school, and I was hooked; I remember lurking these forums looking for news of KH2...
  7. sephydark

    If Melody of Memory got a sequel or DLC what new tracks would you like to see included?

    That makes a lot of sense as an explanation! It was really weird to me that the Disney songs were used so little in advertising given that they would be a great hook to bring in non-fans of KH. It was enough that I thought they were a fake rumor until the game actually released with them in. It...
  8. sephydark

    Melody of Memory should have been a Namine game

    When the game was announced, I also was hoping that Namine would be helping Kairi retrieve her memories of Sora. I think it would have been a natural fit for her to be helping the science crew, given her ties to memories (plus I would have loved to see her interact with Kairi a little more...
  9. sephydark

    What would you change about KH:DDD story?

    I think the most obvious improvement for DDD would be to take Soras TWTNW storyline about learning about all the characters who are connected to his heart and spread it out throughout the game: he can start having nightmares about Riku and Kairi as soon as he meets YMX in Traverse Town, and then...
  10. sephydark

    Dark Road ► Version 5.0.0 postponed, follow-up info at a later date

    They've never been real good about communication, but that was late even for them. Hoping we get an announcement of the actual release date at some point, but I'm not counting on it. To be fair, if it got delayed that means that at least they're giving the game time to get finished and not...
  11. sephydark

    Dark Road ► Did Dark Road's Ending Get Released?

    I've been expecting a delay since the ending of UX got delayed, but I wish they'd say something about it already. Really wish they'd give us some indication of how long the rest of the story is going to be too. I can't imagine that there's going to be as much as there would have been if it kept...
  12. sephydark

    If/when there is a Marvel world in KH, how would you plan the world out?

    I can't imagine a world based on Marvel working in KH, barring situations like Big Hero 6 where there's a completely standalone adaptation of some comics that can be brought over on its own. I don't really think other Marvel properties need to be in at all, but if we had to have them I'd much...
  13. sephydark

    October Appreciation

    It seems like everyone is catching October fever this year!
  14. sephydark

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Chess Set in development

    100% chance this is going to be crazy expensive but it's really cool to see they're actually making it. I'm super interested to see what it looks like in more detail.
  15. sephydark

    9/24 Union χ JP Update: Version 4.1.0, Upgraded Medals

    That Kairi is actually a good alternative to KHIII Namine if you don't have her, and most of the time will be straight up better in a magic setup even if you do. Her only problem as a magic buffer is not doing esuna, and that's not relevant too often. From what I've heard, you just gain extra...
  16. sephydark

    News ► One minute preview of TWEWY The Animation + "Where Is Hachiko" campaign revealed

    Oh wow, this looks great in terms of art and animation, very true to the game. Seems a bit different from the original opening; they're really pushing the fact that no one can see or touch Neku normally. Overall, I'm pretty excited. It even made me open the game on my phone so I could play...
  17. sephydark

    Would Nomura Do This: Story Reasons for Disney Worlds With HD Scenes?

    I wouldn't put it past him; he's known for making random innocuous-seeming details like that actually super important. Though I imagine none of us will be able to guess what because it'll be an idea only Nomura could come up with.
  18. sephydark

    Are the Mobile ports worth buying?

    I've heard that the touch controls aren't the best, but you can still beat them on mobile and they're still the same games. If you have a PC, all but I and II are available on Steam as well, and I can vouch for those versions being good (well, some people don't like the sprites on V and VI but...
  19. sephydark

    How did you get into Kingdom Hearts?

    The year after the first game came out I got it as a Christmas present along with a PS2. I was in high school at the time and thought that Disney movies were kiddy stuff that I'd grown out of, but I still gave it a try and kept playing because I thought the combat was fun. I never really warmed...
  20. sephydark

    How much involvement do you think TWEWY will have in future KH games?

    I agree with the people saying that there's no way KH3 ending Shibuya is TWEWY Shibuya due to how they look. The artstyle used for KH3's Shibuya area looks less like TWEWY to me than the artstyle for typical KH original worlds (which is already not the same), and I can't imagine the TWEWY...