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  1. Knehcs

    The "Real" Villain of Kingdom Hearts

    This is unlikely and far-fetched but still an interesting observation I've come to find. Each numbered title, including Birth by Sleep (which has been compared to a numbered title as Kingdom Hearts 0 numerous times), changed or introduced the overarching villain of the entire series. Will...
  2. Knehcs

    Leaving End of the World after Chernabog before Final Rest.

    The area just before Final Rest is the only room within End of the World where enough enemies spawn to fill Bambi's gauge thrice, which gives him a 30% chance of dropping Mythril. Once Final Rest has been accessed, fewer enemies will spawn in the previous room. Sounds like I'll have to do my...
  3. Knehcs

    Leaving End of the World after Chernabog before Final Rest.

    I should have been clearer. I want to leave the End of the World before I access Final Rest, if that's possible. If it isn't, I need to do all my Mythril farming with Bambi right now before I access it.
  4. Knehcs

    Leaving End of the World after Chernabog before Final Rest.

    Is this possible? I'm well aware of the need to farm Mythril before accessing Final Rest, but I would like to know if there's any way for me to save/leave the world? I can't travel back from the Chernabog area to the World Terminus at the moment. :\ If not, I'll just grind out as much...
  5. Knehcs

    11 years later: What are you doing differently for your HD playthrough?

    I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Re:CoM features additional cards after finishing Final Mix and even more after watching the 358/2 Days movie. If this is true, you may be better off playing Re:CoM last? I don't have any sources to confirm this, though. Edit for OT post: I played the...
  6. Knehcs

    Final Mix Ability Guide

    Can anyone confirm when Combo Master is unlocked along with your respective choice (Sword, Rod or Shield) at the beginning of the game?
  7. Knehcs

    Cropped Cutscenes

    Re: Discussion: Cropped Cutscenes I agree wholeheartedly, and I'm disappointed that so many people here find this to be a trivial issue. I'm also disappointed that we've seen little to no update in textures and animations (even if they've made slight adjustments to models). Other than slight...
  8. Knehcs

    News ► KH 1.5 ReMIX Trailer Released!

    Re: KH 1.5 ReMix Trailer Released! I'm just talking about me, personally. I should have mentioned the FM content. I am truly excited for that, as KH2FM was one of the best experiences I had (I know it had the most additions, but still). In terms of a dying console, I'm referring to all of...
  9. Knehcs

    News ► KH 1.5 ReMIX Trailer Released!

    Re: KH 1.5 ReMix Trailer Released! Honestly, you can get this same level of detail with PCSX2 without the cropping. The only real difference will be the updated Re:CoM cutscenes (as the were originally FMVs that won't properly upscale) and the tweaked models (not to mention anything related...
  10. Knehcs

    Official KH3D Boss Help Thread

    Thanks for the advice. Two Shadowbreakers, a Firaga, a Dark Firaga, a Triple Plasma, and three Curagas did the trick. Oh, and Dark Splicer works as a nice teleport back to Ansem during his second form after he's knocked you back, should anyone else have trouble with his laser attacks. I...
  11. Knehcs

    Official KH3D Boss Help Thread

    I managed both of Ansem's forms after grinding a few more levels. Now I can't seem to take down Young Xehanort's second form as Riku. If I focus on the clock, I don't last long; if I focus on him, time runs out before I can destroy the clock. -_-
  12. Knehcs

    Command suggestions against mobs for grinding.

    I just scrolled up to read your edits. Thanks for the tips. I'll give a few of them a try.
  13. Knehcs

    Command suggestions against mobs for grinding.

    I know exactly what you mean. I've been using mostly the same commands for the past fifteen or so levels. Everything feels so weak, and the areas are so large to explore without a guide. Nothing is more frustrating than spending 20 minutes in a room full of Nightmares to die at the end of it...
  14. Knehcs

    Command suggestions against mobs for grinding.

    I'm looking for some commands/combinations against mobs for grinding as both Sora and Riku. Any ideas? Clues on where to obtain said commands are also greatly appreciated.
  15. Knehcs

    Official KH3D Boss Help Thread

    Any tips for Ansem's first form as Riku? I'm loving the lack of block, dodge roll, flowmotion, and Dream Eaters. Edit: Oh, and I'm guessing if I exit this battle to swap commands, I have to fight Anti Black Coat again? Ugh.
  16. Knehcs

    For those who have already have KH3D, what do you think so far?

    I don't have a picture of mine uploaded yet, but I can confirm that the top half of the case is usable with the Circle Pad Pro. The clear case doesn't look all that great on my Zelda 3DS (it's definitely designed for much brighter 3DS' than a black one), but with a white piece of paper slid...
  17. Knehcs

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final mix (on critical)

    The Cavern of Remembrance at level 1... I cannot even imagine. I made it to about the third world on my level 1 playthrough before becoming so frustrated that I just had to stop. I've not picked it up since. It might have something to do with the fact that I'd just finished a normal critical...
  18. Knehcs

    Approximate Playthrough Times

    I should have mentioned that I'll be playing on Proud. I'm up for a challenge, but I must say you have me a a little worried. xD At least I now know what I'll be getting myself into. I normally love grinding, but I don't want to over-grind and make things too easy for me (I did this in BbS...
  19. Knehcs

    Approximate Playthrough Times

    I'm going to start out by begging that you pleeease not post any spoilers in this thread. I realize this is the spoiler forum, but I'm specifically looking for those with experience playing/completing the game to answer a few questions. Roughly how long does the game take to complete at an...
  20. Knehcs

    KH3D thread of spoiler-free gameplay impressions! (Thanks Neogaf!)

    I don't know how far along everyone here is, and I realize it will take quite a bit of time to develop the best strategies, find weakness, etc. but... How difficult is/are the optional (secret?) boss(es)? If you could rank it/them next to other optional (secret?) bosses (KH1 Unknown, Lingering...