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    Melee Match : Stray Shot Varkam

    I'm challenging anyone who chooses to take me on to a melee match, with a character made recently. He's not "magical" so, of course, I'm calling for a melee match. You all know the rules of the forum, so I won't bother to add them. If you want, you can choose the scene. I'll post my template...
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    Fanfiction ► Encoded

    The story in itself is very interesting, though it does leave me wondering if we've been given the main story plot yet, or was it simply alluded to. At any rate, perhaps you should hurry with the next chapter, so the watchers aren't just left hanging. You have some exquisite detail, even though...
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    Where two paths cross

    I'm searching for a challenger, anyone who is up to for a match I'll be more than willing to face. I'll post up my template after I get a challenger lined up.Rules:~ No PPing and GMing~ Refer to rule number one
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    One of the few questions I had about this place that I couldn't find an answer to. What is a refferal? and, what are they good for?
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    >_> <_< :|

    'Ey, just joined the other day, and felt like actually posting.So um....I'm new here, don't see much else important to say here, commence with the welcoming and crap.