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    Reverse Kh2 intro => Hidden meaning !!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTWbj7iUad8 0_0 I wasn't on the forums for a fairly long time and i don't know if this has been posted yet so here it is . of course credit goes to the guy who did this
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    Long time left ?

    Try to finish every world before you beat the game you'll have a greater satisfaction lol ;)
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    try on proud mode it's a bit more of a challenge than on the other modes
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    Anti form sucks

    Re: Here's A Little Tidbit Of Information try to drive outside battle
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    Anti form sucks

    Re: Here's A Little Tidbit Of Information during boss battles on proud you lose extremely rapidly hp and die after 3 or 4 hits .. ...
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    Showdown of fate 2 NA version

    well u then may already have seen this ?
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    Showdown of fate 2 NA version

    nearly everyone here has the game now so i don't think it's worth posting this anymore
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    Question about Xemnas

    on standard it's easy but u'll better be at level 50 or higher if u play proud mode
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    level 100

    everyone wished ... at least 20 hours longer lol
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    Getting Ultima Weapon and Fenrir

    MaxImUm and summons tooooooooooo
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    deep dive?

    yeah that's true => AWESOMENESS
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    level 100

    that's what i did and it took a looooooooong time ...
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    Goddess of Fate

    look in the members helping members section there are already tons of threads about it
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    Cowboy bebop andGantz

    hey , does anyone know where I can download for free the cowboy bebop and Gantz OST for free? I searched all over the net but didn't find anything .. thx in advance
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    1000 Heartless battle

    i don't like to use the reacction commands in that fight ... it s cooler to kill them all in a traditional way lol(=> normal combo)
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    to those who beat hades' cups, all of them

    level up the drive forms and summons
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    Level Difference....

    that pissed me off in the first game but now i got used to it lol i think that no matter how high your level is in the Roxas part , when u get to play with Sora they will always have a higher lv than you ...
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    Fenrir or Ultima

    fenrir really is my fav it looks way cooler than all the other keyblades and if u rarely use magic than i advise u too use fenrir bc it's the strongest kb
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    Who Xehanort is

    ... http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=49421 ...