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    personally i think this is a great speculation! =D my favorite part was the eyes! i didnt even notice that! and the fact that MX has a keychain.. something tells me you're onto something ;D
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    VEns keyblade

    this makes me think, is ven left handed? or is this just his fighting style? look at the pics of him using it again and think about it
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    The Riku Connection?

    oh i thought that was the soul eater and come to think of it you're right thanks haha
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    The Riku Connection?

    uhm i dont quite get it. what blade is the heart unlocker? is the way to dawn an actual keyblade cause it does have a keychain and whats his connection to the oblivion?
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    The Riku Connection?

    well obviously riku has had keyblades such as the way to dawn, soul eater, etc. and he also weilded the oblivion at one time during his fight with roxas. im just wondering about those keyblades that he has or has gotten. all the queations i asked above are about these keyblades.
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    The Riku Connection?

    ok i have a question but im not sure how to put it into words so im going to try the best I can. Here goes... okay obviously we see riku with A LOT of different weapons so im wondering, how does he get them? which ones are fake? are they real keyblades? oh and what connection does he have with...
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    Wich difficulty in BBS???

    probably standard so I can play it again on proud =]