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    Help/Support ► Im 20 years old...the basics of women

    Congrats on helping him none... Basically when you meet a girl thats right for you you guys won't have a problem talking to each other at all...if the first girl you try to talk to doesn't work out don't lose hope because you too might have been totally different to start with. Also as they...
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    Help/Support ► Im 20 years old...the basics of women

    Well one good thing to keep in mind would be the girl is probly just as nervous as you are. Approaching her depends where you are at...so not sure if i could help there. Do not make a convo awkward, talk about nething thats around if u approach her, tv, what you are doing in that place anythign...
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    Help/Support ► There is this girl ...

    Also if you do go out with her DO NOT act any different toward her than you did before she knew....don't let it be awkward*speaking from my own experience*. She'll see that you guys are still good friends and maybe start warming up who knows, either way you still want to be good friends.
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    Help/Support ► Darn You Women! Must You Mess With My Mind!?

    A big reason your jealous is probly because u liked the feeling her liking you, even tho when you two went out there wasn't a connection. If you'd step back and look probly the reason ur jealous now isn't because you like her its because you were use to the feeling of her liking you and u...
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    Favorite Drive Form

    Well i have to say i like Valor. I thought everyone was gonna say master or final so i wanted to be different, but everyone seems to like hacking enemys themselves so im with the crowd this time.
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    Sup everyone im bac!

    Haven't been on in forever, i had to see whats new and i have to say it looks cool. I hate my old clan is gone but u know, i kinda diserve it. Neway glad to be bac. If ne friends get this pm me to talk!
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    Join the One Winged Angels clan!

    Now that the rpg has been reset, I had to get my clan back. So all my clan members who want to join back please post here or pm me. If anyone else wants to join please do the same.
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    I'll pay 10 mil. for each item.

    Ok I need a Twilight O&O and I need Neo Claws. So anyone that has them and wants to sell them please post here or pm me. Twilight O&O-need Neo Claws-need
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    whats your fav. thing to do on kh

    Same here, about every 2 weeks I load that game and beat the end battle so I can see the secret movie and the end scene.
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    If u could pick a sequel!

    If you could pick a sequel for a game out right now, which game would it be. I would make a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine for Gamecube but it would be on the Revolution, and The Suffering for PS2 but it'd be on the PS3.
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    3 secret keyblades!

    It doesn't work, first of all if it did work don't u think that u would have heard of it before now. Second I tryed it myself and it didn't work, I'm at 100% so I went to the moon mural and nothing happened. Third if it was true then the code to get it would be on a code breaker or Action...
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    3 secret keyblades!

    Ok I'm at 100% and tryed it, but nothing happened. This can't be true anyway. I mean this is the first time I have heard this and I am on Kingdom Hearts sites all the time. You think I would have heard of it before now. You'd think the mods would close this down by now. I didn't even want to...
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    beating sephiroth

    Yes I like it when noobs teach other noobs (power to the noobs). Anyways I beat him at level 70 but I have not tryed to go any lower than that.
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    How do you get Reverse blade...if there is one?1

    What'd I like to know is where u got that idea.
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    final stats on sora

    My stats where like that before I beat Ansem. I also had the Ultima Weapon too.
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    The Original Keyblade Master

    Yea this discussion seams like it gets remade about every month or so.
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    What is it about kingdom hearts...

    All three things u sayed Elixa_07. I found my way here by a friend at school.
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    Neverland Trouble...What level were you?

    I was at level 45 or 50. I thought he was easy though.
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    Not beaten the Game Yet???

    I've beaten it like 20 times to see the ending. It's great, I like the secret movie to, I like to beat the game and see it to see if I've missed something in it.
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    How come you can't use two Keyblades in KH?

    Re: How come u cudnt use 2 keyblades!!! Because Sora only has one keyblade and King Mickey has the other. There are just different key chains, so he would have to have King Mickey's keyblades to fight with two keyblades. Also they wanted to save that for KH2 I guess.