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    Cloud V Sepiroth in English

    Does anyone have the vid? I can't beat him, and I want it in English!!!!
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    Cloud character description

    My book for KH got misplaced, so I need a favor: can anyone type up or post a picture of Cloud's character profile from the first game?? And if there is one, Sephiroth too??
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    KH2's difficulty?

    I honestly think it was easy, at least compared to the last game. In KH, I HAD to play in easy the first time because I kept dying. But in this one, it's TOO easy. I don't mind that; it's still an awesome game. It just means that I'll have to re-play in another mode. I only 'died' in two...
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    Opening vid in English?

    Anyone have the link to download the opening video in English??? I can't find it now!!!
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    Limited Edition covers: which did you get?

    I got wisdom, too. I really liked all the covers, so it didn't matter to me whichi I got. :D
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    Buying from Wal-Mart

    I live in Arizona, and mine doesn't have it yet, either. :( They said they didn't even know when it would be in.
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    LE strategy guide!!!

    I'm not sure whether to just leave them or not. I mean, if you look at the items in the back of the actual guide, you can kind of figure the stickers out, but I'm not sure it's worth it. Maybe I'll just leave them.
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    LE strategy guide!!!

    I finally got one!!!! Yay!!! :D Anyway, it's awesome; the box it comes in is beautiful,and Jiminy's journal is FULL of spoilers. However, there were some things I didn't like. Jiminy's journal has stickers for items that you collect in each world, but the stickers don't match the pics!! There's...
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    Electronic Gaming Monthly?

    Sorry guys, I'm done, I meant MAY issue!!! I already have the April one.
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    Electronic Gaming Monthly?

    Does anyone know when the new Electronic Gaming Monthly comes out?? I went to the store today, but all they had was the old one!!!! There's supposed to be a big long review/walkthrough.
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    Where did you get...

    Where did everyone get the egg that says "This egg won't hatch until March 28"??? It's so awesome!!!!
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    Reviews please!

    Can anyone post long reviews of KH2 for me??? I have a long drive tomorrow, and I had hoped to have the book by now. But as I don't, can anyone help by posting reviews? (And if it's possible, could you post them IN the forum? The laptop I'm on is viciously slow.) Thanks!
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    Old keyblades?

    I read somewhere that to get Sora's old keyblades back you have to use "memory stones". Is that right, and if so, where do you get them?
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    so the le guide comes out to day as in monday

    AZ is Arizona, USA; it's all desert. Very hot. :D I have no idea for Australia, but are you allowed to import it from the US?
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    so the le guide comes out to day as in monday

    Okay, remember I said I was walking?? I walked a half hour to Gamestop and a half hour back, and you know that they told me? "It doesn't come out till Wed." And when I asked if I could reserve one, they said, "If you pay now, I MIGHT be able to put one aside, maybe." And then they said to "get...
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    so the le guide comes out to day as in monday

    I have no idea. I'll check my gamestop, and tell you guys all what's there.
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    so the le guide comes out to day as in monday

    It should cost like $30. I'm WALKING to a gamestop to buy one; I only now managed to get enough cash, so I didn't pre-order. I hope they have it!!
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    Once you have KH2...will you play KH?

    It depends. If I absolutely love KH2, then probably not.
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    Fav. Roxas pics

    You guys rock!!!!! :D :D
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    Pics allowed?

    I have seen images of Roxas from the opening FMV in sigs and stuff, so I have a question: am I allowed to use my screens from the opening? I've been warned once already for spoilers, and I don't wann get in trouble again! :D