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    Quote: 2)riku is twilight a.in CoM riku accepted the darkness and the light b.vexen even says in CoM that him and riku have something in common, they are both twilight c.riku even chooses the middle path in CoM d.so please stop saying riku is darkness or riku is light or riku is present...
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    limited edition KH:GBA SP!

    That is a cool sp where could i get one
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    Hi what up

    hi im am a newbie and was wondering if i could get a trainer. I would like kbmaster to train me cause i just joinn his clan. if i get someone different that cool to :) .
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    Playing the game twice..

    Hey playing the game again is not bad. I played it all over again and even though I new what would happen Kingdom Hearts is one of the best game cause of the charecters and storyline. And Kingdom Hearts 2 will be even better. :)