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    The Riches

    This show rocks...kinda slow...but awesome story line...anyone watch it? or am i the only one? DISCUSS WITH ME?! :D
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    favoritist song

    Toot dat thang up mami make it roll, Once ya pop pop lock it for me girl get low. If yo mama gave it to ya baby girl let it show. Once you pop lock drop it for me maybe we can rol u know u can finish it who else thinks this song rocks? :D :D :D whats your favorite song to dance tooo??????????
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    Glintz Evo. assignment 5 *i think*

    Ok guys for this one i want you guys to come up with an ORIGINAL ... LARGE CANVAS ... splash thingy.... it can be anything but it has to be STOCKLESS, vectors dont count as stocks, and i wanna stress this NO DOWNLOADED BRUSHES, i wanna see what you guys can do without the help of someones...
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    Glintz Evolution Assignment #2

    ok guys this is worth 3 ge points this is a Photo Manip tag... make it anysize but it has to be a tag, you know *tag sizes* so yeah... you have the choice of either of the following 3 stocks... this one this one or this one the last one i put in cuz of the new "trend" that is going...
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    hey!if tidus was a kid in kh should'nt auron be one too?

    Yeah and besides it wouldn't matter if auron looked the same in kh cause he was dead to begin with in FFX.
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    whats chernabog

    Yeah he's from fantasia the best musical in all the world lol. And he's pretty tough but not really i beat him in like 2 tries lol. He killed me with the stupid fire attacks. the only prob. with him is that he's too f*in big. ^_^
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    How long with a boss battle

    For me it was the Phantom over in Peter pans world. That MOFO was hard.
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    well i think he was thinking that maybe cause in FFVII he got harder as your level incresed maybe he thought it was the same here. but too bad that in this case he isn't stronger. lol take it easy on him he only said that his friend said so. no reason to flame.
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    Cant Kill Hercules in Time Trail?

    I didn't know that. although i already defeated everyone in time trial. lol. don't need the tip but it's nice to know. I'm not that into codes.
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    Did you reserve?

    maybe it's for reals guys i mean i bet GS would have better info than we would i mean come on.
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    Screw the threads about hte trailer, I got the important pics lol

    damn that was gonna be the first thing i did once i got the video i was gonna take screen shots lol.
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    Action Replay or Gameshark effects!

    yeah, certain games have defense mechanisms against the ar, and gs. they will not let you do certain stuff with them. When i played FFX with the gs, i wasn't allowed to pass the game. I would never be able to deliver the finishing blow.
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    whats up

    yeah that's the one
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    Ok this is confusing

    k that sounds pretty good. lol. i agree.
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    Riku's blindfold

    yeah i think that sounds like a pretty good theory
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    an ability from pooh

    crazygirl we they just proved that it wasn't a rumor it is in fact true, to a degree.
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    how much munny do you have.

    i have 99,999.........well had till my friggin memory card deleted my saved files and then my original kh broke, so i had to buy the greatest hits version. and am starting over and currently have 400k munny. and am at the monstro level, i think, i'm there.
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    Job Change!!

    Hey i was wondering...........I'm a level 16 and i want to become a Dragoon, Y can't i change. Do i have to pay the 250k in order to change?
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    I have a question about this.

    i'm not sure but i think that they're gonna star kh2 off of com.
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    The only diff. between the games are the covers and the booklets and little things on the disc not the game itself.