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    Re to "Who do you think this is?"

    its an unknown duh! ...... u ppl must not have much common knowege or just to be able to relise who or what somthing is. no direct put downs in this post XD
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    What would you do if KH2 dosen't release

    here i am again the overly critical guy. first of all KH2 is gonna be relased. second none of u ppl would really do that any way. third poking some on isnt gonna make any body do any thing. fourth where would u get a keyblade any way. and fith of all i would re-declare war on japan if they...
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    The connection between Sora and BHK

    BHK is the other side of sora's heart. when sora stabbed him self with the dark keyblade in kingdom hearts sora's heart was split in 2. sora is the dark side (hints his new black cloths in kh2) and the BHK is his light side cept the BHK dont know yet. BHK kinda just poped up one time in TT after...
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    what would you do if you was an unknown

    1. use my force powers to kill all the rest of the members 2. take over the controll of the heatless 3. run around dictating the world 4. killing any one who stands in my way and sending their heart to Kindom Hearts to be tortured for ever by the heartless 4. resurect Ansem and have him make me...
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    what happened when . . .

    Diz is Ansem but he has to wrap his head with that red cloth to block out his origoinal sent. i mean would u want to let ur enimes know ur u just cause u used the wrong cloth?
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    deep jungle isn't in com

    probly cause it had no real boss like all the other worlds it was just clation and the stealth sneek. sides i didnt really like deep jungle much any way
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    everlastinglight for got to menchin that im DARK! besides riku is also a twilight as EL has told me. yes he once was dark cause he was infested with Ansem. but yes im dark. muhahahaha DARKNESSSS the dark feeds on the hearts and souls of the weak. u shall all die sooner or later ur hearts being...
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    hardest DISNEY boss

    acculaty it depends on what order u take them on in. when u get a choice of what world to go to i always pick the hardest one so he would be the easyest. but i know that wasnt the question. the hardest boss for me was hades. and im sure the next person will say "hades was so easy hes not hard at...
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    I wonder if Sora...

    i think yes, no, yes, sora has been looking for riku and has been looking for riku, most likely
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    i think...

    well do any of u ppl think ur other half would look any thing like u? i mean u cant expect BHK to be excalty like sora that would just be crazy talk!
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    new orginization member eg man

    i have not played KHFM but i have seen a pic of this guy
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    Deep Dive discovery!

    how can u even tell it just looks like a white stick. becides sora has the kingdom key.
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    now my question is what items do u have to synthisize to get the ultima weapon ???
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    the keyblede master
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    Least Favorite Boos/Sub-boss?

    well im out if light isnt gonna aruge wit me
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    Least Favorite Boos/Sub-boss?

    ok i will then light
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    Least Favorite Boos/Sub-boss?

    im wit u all the way kingdom
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    Least Favorite Boos/Sub-boss?

    phhhhhtt:p light loves riku light loves riku na na na na na na
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    Least Favorite Boos/Sub-boss?

    it better have been everlasting light lol
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    Least Favorite Boos/Sub-boss?

    oh and riku is so not the real keyblade master everlasting light sora is !