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    Fanfiction ► The Return of Axel

    Oh i love axel...this is pretty great..go you!
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    Fanfiction ► School Day (Khi Style)

    Aww...you guys suck...why am i not in it any more! Just cus i left for a little while doesnt mean u have to abbaned me !
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    Best voices

    Yeah I loved axel's voice. In kh1 i liked areith's voice...mandy moore ftw! She was awesome. In kh2 arieth sounded like a druggie >.<
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    the monstro level..to much for me

    I had some one beat it for me.. =P...oh yeah..i suck xD..I never liked kh com but i stilled played it
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    Fanfiction ► Rikku's Last Mission 3: Islands Of Time

    Omg im gonna have to keep up with this one more
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    Fanfiction ► School Day (Khi Style)

    Yay! You fixed it =P...<3...hurry with chapter 6
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    This suxs

    This suxs you guys..I only got 8 more weeks to go back to school, this summer vacation is passing way too fast..... T.T...i go back aug. 13....T.T...when do you guys go back...o.o.....anyways..i think it sucks..we should go back in september like it use to be in the east...dammit! Stupid super...
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    Fanfiction ► "Destined"

    aww this fanfic is adrorable... i lub it <3333
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Reality~IT'S NOT JUST A GAME

    Hmmm....I'm likeing this, its pretty good...continue...lol
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    I need help!

    Okay we all know i srsly suck at making Rps, but im still planning to do one, so tell me what you think about this..... "Academy of KHI"......huh huh!! Come on it not bad! I really want to do a RP. Maybe later i might have to do a fanfic! <3333333333...but yeah lolzz...help me out peeps!:rolleyes:
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    I'm leaving the forums T.T

    Hey guys... I love you all...i hate to say this but im gone. I will miss you all...tho i might be back sometime if i ever get bored. to check up on you guys. ; )! Well anyways i gotta go im getting old and my time is limited now..i got drivers ed and i gotta work hard cus i really wnaa buy a...
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    Drivers license!!!!

    I'm gonna take my drivers license in 3 weeks!!!! OMG! i can't wait! I have been practicing every day!!! I do admit i need a little more practice. But its all good. Wish me luck!!! ♥♥♥:D
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    <3 <3 <3 Redflame Fanclub <3 <3 <3

    Hello meh lovelys! This is my fan club....This tells if im really loved @.@ Love meh!! Well anyways meh babies...We can all learn to love, flame, and smecks here! <3....by teh way....sorry if i gotten rude with any of j00! I wuv j00 all, but sometimes some of you n00bs piss me off...but its all...
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    What is your favorite most embarrasing song?

    OMFG!!!! What is all of your favorite stupid songs! Something that is to embarasing to tell any of your friends? Mine is "the circle of life" >.>.....It pwns
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    OMG!!!!!<3<3<3 oneoneone

    hello! How are you all? Well anyways could you guys like love me? Would you marry me? Would you hump meh! =P.............You all LOVE MEEE!!!yeah thats right ppl...love meh!
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    If we al knew each other! *GASP*

    ARGHH!!! the rp has been trashe ripped apart and killed!!! So here goes another one. >*ahem*< Okay well here it goes. This might have been already posted but i use to really not pay any attention to the threads. Okay, If you could pick any video,anime or manga character who would it be? Would...
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    You know you love meh! ;)

    You all know you love me? I mean who doesn't...I'm loved! :D