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    Favourite Boss/Enemy

    I'll have to agree with you on that one. Sephy was definetly the coolest boss, and most definetly the hardest. Even at level 100 and Ultima Weapon equipped o.O
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    How Long Did It Take You To Beat Kingdom Hearts ?

    I think I took around 35 hours. Half of it I had to do without the strategy guide, which was a major pain in the arse (I had lent it to my friend). I had also taken about half an hour to beat Sephy, which was another pain without the guide. He's tough to beat even at level 100 :/ And Ansem and...
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    lady luck

    In Wonderland, there's a cute little area with yellow flowers in a group. In the middle of the room, there's a white Trinity. Cast Thunder/a/aga on the group of flowers and a treasure box will appear in the middle of the room or close to it. In there, there's Lady Luck. The room's tucked away...
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    What is the point..

    The point of the blueprints like Cid, Aerith, stuff like that, is so you can change your Gummi Ship. Like mine, it's the Aerith blueprint, except with a few touches of my own :3