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    Any Hope for a Difficulty+ Mode?

    Difficulty+ is seriously one of the only things that I feel has yet to make an appearance that is long overdue. It's such a perfect game for such a mode and would only add to the already gigantic replay-ability factor the game has. Imagine defeating Xehanort and then unlocking the X-Blade for...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix Available For Preorder on Amazon!

    I'm misreading Chaser's comment methinks. If KH 1.5 was released in Japan 6 months after the announcement in March, but Chaser than says it was released 3 months after that then that would place release in July...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix Available For Preorder on Amazon!

    6 months after reveal? Thought it was closer to a year? 1.5 was announced in September 2012. Either way, I think we can be slightly optimistic about 2.5 coming a little bit earlier than 1.5 due to the lack of complications that 1.5's Dev Team faced. On the other side of the same coin however...