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    I hate to say it but this series needs a reboot

    The same way Prince of Persia is getting a reboot, I think KH needs a reboot. CoM and KH2 pretty much destroyed this series. My proposal in a reboot is make Sora completely different and more human like Zack. Different hair, clothes, and keyblade design. Less yaoi, better dialogue, more mature...
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    Square-Enix @ Microsoft RPG Premiere 2008

    Square Enix is giving the 360 video games!? I mean, they are actually giving the system real actual games! Square Enix lays out 360 RPG slate - Xbox 360 News at GameSpot My god! M night Shamaylan's film must be really happening. Something has to be going on in the world for something like this...
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    Cool idea to replace drive

    I hope in KH3, they replace drive with something like the FF overdrive system. Where Sora can pull off these powerful abilities after taking a certain amount of damages or by killing a certain amount of enemies. Example of a overdrive I like to see is a special duel wield overdrive that they...
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    Mickey gone Jedi. Donald gone Sith. Goofy gone..silly

    Take a look at Mick as a Jedi, Donald as a Sith, and Goofy as...Jar Jar:
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    How do you get the happy ending in FFX2?

    In FFX2, how do you get the ending where Tidus and Yuna unite on Besaid?
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    Something needs to be done about summons in KH3

    Okay, I love KH2. I'm addicted to it. But summons stunk. I mean they were really bad. Something has got to be done about the summons. There needs to be more and better summons than the ones that KH2 had. Stitch was cool. Genie, okay. But Chicken Little? Come on. Sora is currently the worst...
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    Okay, now this figure does look cool I've seen all the recent play arts but this new figure looks totally bada**. I have to buy this.
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    Has this happened to any of you?

    Where you played a game the first time and you thought it was average. Then you play it again and you think it's really good. And then play throught it again and you completely love it. This happened with me and KH2. I fell in love with this game due to repeat play throughs. Now I can't stop...
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    Return of the Organization members

    Alright, this is my personal theory. But going by their popularity and since this series is half Disney, I actually believe that majority of the Org. members are going to return in Kingdom Hearts 3 only this time they will be allies with Sora. This wouldn't be the first time Disney did this...
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    Mass Effect. Bioware has done it again.

    Recently, I purchased Mass Effect and all I can say!! This game is just terrific. The storyline for the game is epic and always interesting. The gameplay is like half third person shooter and half RPG. Pretty much it's everything DOC should've been in terms of gameplay. There's a lot...
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    KH1 Sora is too much of pacifist

    I played KH1 again and I realized how much better Sora is in KH2. He's more gray and realized that you have to sometimes do morally gray things( including kill a group of people who want hearts) to bring peace. In KH1, he was an overly light side pacifistic fool. Making Sora into a more gray...
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    Does this really happen in FM+?

    I heard on another board that during the scene in the Underworld where Demyx tells Roxas to come back, he keeps repeating the line 'Come back to us' over and over again. And then afterwards Sora says 'The guy's a broken record.' Does that really happen in FM+? Does Demyx really repeat the line...
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    The Org. member that you just couldn't wait to destroy?

    What is the one Org. member you just couldn't wait to kill in KH2? For me, it was Saix. The guy was a real cold jerk and I had a lot of fun killing him.
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    Who do you think would win? Ryu from Ninja Gaiden or Riku from Kingdom Hearts? I think Ryu would beat him. Badly.
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    Okay. Why?

    I hear so many KH fans say Sora should say thank you to Namine. My question is, why? Why should Sora thank this dumb girl who screwed up his brain, reverted him back to 14 years old, made him forget how to use magic, and caused everyone across the galaxy to forget about him? Sure she restored...
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    You know what would be cool

    If they made a Final Fantasy RPG where the summons are the main characters. I know they already made a FF Chocobo game, but I think it would be cool if they made a game where our favorite summons( Bahamut, Shiva, Ifrit, etc) were the main stars.
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    Question about Tifa *Contains spoilers*

    Okay, there's something that sort of puzzled me. You know how all of Nibelheim blamed Cloud for Tifa's coma. But here's what's puzzling, how come after she woke up, Tifa never came to Cloud's defense and told the town that it wasn't his fault for what happened?
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    Square Enix game with the best music

    Out of all the Square Enix games, which one do you think has the best music? I've listened to all of them and to me, the SE game with the best music is Musashi Samurai Legend.
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    Two Worlds

    So who else is excited about this game and want to buy it? Because to me it looks like a really fun and epic RPG. And I need to start building up my 360 RPG collection.
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    How did they know about the princesses?

    I know that the princesses of heart have like the purest hearts. But what I'm wondering is how did Maleficent, Xehanort, and even Ansem The Wise figure out who the princesses of heart were? I mean there are a lot of girls in the KH universe and a lot of them are good, but how did they find out...