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  1. TheSupremeFace

    Which Disney character should have a keyblade?

    It's obvious that no Disney character will wield a keyblade, but I think it be interesting to IMAGINE (don't get all serious, just imagine) if a Disney character actually held a keyblade as a wielder. If you want, try adding a scenario as it'd make this thread interesting. Let's see who to...
  2. TheSupremeFace

    Which Pixar film would you like the most?

    I understand that there's a thread about worlds already, but I wanted to make one that's specific to Pixar. After all, KH3 will probably the debut of Pixar worlds, and the pixar movies each have a fantastic cast of characters and storylines. I'll post an image for the pixar films that are in...
  3. TheSupremeFace

    Glossary of Abbreviations

    This forum has so many abbreviations for Kingdom Hearts characters, items, locations, etc...It gets hard to keep track of all of them. So can someone either reply with a link to an actual glossary for them. If there isn't one, I can use this thread to keep track...I'll start off with what I...
  4. TheSupremeFace

    The Edna Mode script: Let's make a draft!

    Before you decide to post, make sure you read the GENIUS of an idea from kupo1121: With many positive responses to this, I think it'd be fun if we all drafted a potential script (and some circumstance for before/after) for this. I can compile posts that we agree upon, as well as colour...
  5. TheSupremeFace

    Why will Sora, Donald, and Goofy explore worlds in this game?

    If the title doesn't make sense, let me explain it then. It's a given that KH is such a good game not just for gameplay, but for being able to explore many different stories and films, with each tale being its own world. With the exception of KH originals, each world allows the player to...
  6. TheSupremeFace

    Which Keyblades would you like to see returning?

    Well over the course of all the games, there have been MANY different keychains and forms of the keyblade. My question to you is: Which keyblades would you like to see in KH3? Here's my list: - Kingdom Key (obviously) - Oblivion - Two become One (I just love the look of it) - Metal Chocobo -...