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    I found an Ipod..

    yesterday, on the train. Its a 8GB black ipod nano. And no I didn't see who dropped it or anything, so don't tell me I'm a bad person and I'm going to hell.
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    rofl, I got lucky today.

    I went to buy a 40gb ps3 at Circuit City, the guy miscounted the money I gave him and got 100 bucks back! :laugh:
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    Metal Gear Solid 4 Delayed

    This just in guys!!! :ohmy: News from IGN... WHY GOD WHY!!!
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    Scientist says humans will split into two species

    Kinda makes you want to live in the year 3000. Human race will 'split into two different species'
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    Earth Is Very Small

    I had no idea earth was so small compared to the stars, it's amazing. Youtube - Vid
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    What are you? o_O

    Are you black, white, spanish, asian, or other... >_> ..I'm a curious.. =]
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    Im Back! :O

    I've been gone ever since the beginning of march! it's felt like I havn't been here in ages. I don't know if anyone remembers me.. :( ..but I thought maybe an old friend can remember me from the past.. p.s Is there anything new that happened while I was gone?
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    Will you get a PS3!?

    In an interview with nomura...he said that he might make a kh game for the ps3.. So my question is..Will you get a Ps3 if they make a kh game for that system!?
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    New Review and comments for the voice cast!!!

    I've found a new review that hasn't been posted in the forums!..and also IGN and Gamespot gave comments on the KH2 voice cast and release date. Gamespot's Comments: IGN's Comments:
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    KingdomHearts2 in Gamespy's Top 20 List for 2006!!!

    KingdomHearts2 made it on Gamespy's top 20 most anticipated games for 2006. It took the 17th slot(I think it should be in the first slot!) and they also managed to write a mini preview about it! Enjoy! :P
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    KingdomHearts 2 Piano Collections!!! oO.

    O.o uhhh lookie what I found! KingdomHearts 2 Piano Collection!!111 For those who don't know, it is a small album of Kingdom Hearts songs that have been specially arranged for the piano (in other words piano remixes!). 01- Dearly Beloved 02- Dive into the Heart -Destati- 03- Destiny Islands...
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    Enhanced Fantasia Alla Marcia!!!

    The people at KH Extreme have Enhanced(Made Better) Fantasia Alla Marcia by making it louder when it plays... Enjoy! :P
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    Fan Made Passion!!!

    These are fan made passion songs!!!...(I didn't make them!)credit goes to the people at all does hard working people who made the songs! Credit for link goes to NarutoExe... EDIT..This link works!!!..
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    Game Review!!!(KH2 got 9.8/10)

    Club Skill gave KingdomHearts 2 a 9.8 out of 10!!!...they wrote a article about it, I does contain spoilers in one paragraph..but it warns you before you can see it!(you just have to scroll down) I know the article is 3 days old..but for those who haven't seen it enjoy...
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    KH2 vs Zelda

    Lets admit it there two of the best games out there!, coming out next to each other in release date..which do you think will sell more in America?..KH2 the long anticipated game with many fans..or Zelda the game with even more fans because its been known for many more years than KH2. I know many...
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    Spoilers- All You (BHK's name) Haters

    Okay...(this goes for all you Roxas haters)let's say you saw Sora for the first time and you didn't know his were so anticipated to know what his name was because he was so cool...then one day you found out his name was Sora,Damn you thought,his name sounds like a girl!...but then you...
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    Mickey mouse unhooded?

    Alright you know how in one of Namura's interviews he said that when mickey mouse unhoods himself we will understand everything....does anybody have an idea why?
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    Sephiroth's ultimate cheat code!

    This has always been a hilarious thread just make your own "cheat code" on how to get sephiroth's ultimate sword!!! press L2,triangle,square,jump twice and hit winnie the pooh with a carrot.
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    Valor or Wizdom?

    Made a thread about this a while ago(last month)and I wanted to see if peoples mind changed on which drive form they like better Valor or Wizdom? If u want say why. :D