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  1. key_of_destiny

    I am worried. KH3 may be ruined.

    People have been too spoiled by the final mixes they forget what the original games were like. KH2 without all the added content is pretttty short. Same goes for KH1, I got the speedster trophy on accident my first time replaying on the PS3. Play any modern RPG, 30 hours is a beautiful thing...
  2. key_of_destiny

    Game Not Loading

    For the past half hour or so, I have been watching the heart spin around endlessly without the yellow bar loading. Is it because the game is being updated? Am I the only one having this issue? I have tried on two different browsers now and still the same results. Help?
  3. key_of_destiny

    Should I be worried about sending it through the mail?

    I preordered the game and opted for same day shipping as release, but I'm having second thoughts. I am a little worried that the art book will get damaged in the shipping process. Has anyone ever had an issue with something similar to this? Am I just paranoid?