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    Who do u respect here?

    Because there's a lot of n00bs here, who do u respect, like who do you look up to on the forums? and don't say no one or urself.
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    Happy Birthday TB

    Happy Birthday TrueBeliver!!! Its weird I never knew you were going to turn 13!! Anyway may you live to blow a thousand candles!!! Enjoy life as it is!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!:cool:
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    ariel: princess of heart???

    Hey i just wanted to know howcome Ariel isn't one of the princesses of heart and Alice is?? I mean i don't remember it being mentioned that Alice is a princes in Alice in wonderland!! Ariel is a princess in atlantica but howcome not a princess of heart??
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    Is it me or is it that ELvis is alive!! I really do think Elvis is alive, i have been having these weird dreams showing that he is sitting in this old home singin songs with his grandchildren!! The worst thing about this is i think it can be true because people say i have the sixth sense!!
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    Happy Birthday Enchanted Rose!!!!

    hey ER happy birthday!!!!! dis from the posse n me n others hu now wat a brilliant member n mate u r!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
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    m leavin my party ppl n friends!!!! don't 4get me

    hey guyz!!!!! this newz 2 some of u won't be important or anything but i want to let all my friends now dat m leavin 4 arond 6 months n won't be online dat much!!! i will be poppin in occasionally now n then so if u'll miss it will mean sooo much 2 me but i h8 2 leave u guyz!!!!:(
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    wat do u

    ok guyz this thread is about postin all the annoyin things in KH1 cos it can't be dat great of a game so wat do guyz think is the most annoying thing in KH
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    how do u skip

    hi! i jus want 2 now how i can skip cutscenes in KH1? pls if u coud tell, i will be very grateful!!!!:)
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    M not really sure if this thread belongs here, anywayz feel free 2 move it. OK it is really about Eminem n his singin career. Pls give me yur views n comments on wat he did 4 Haylie(his daughter) was good, he stopped his career 4 her. She is so lucky she has a father who loves her so much dat he...
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    what do u think about..........

    ok i jus wanna now wat people think about women or young girls who get abortions done after gettin pregnant when foolin around. N m not sure where dis thread is suppose 2 be so if it's in da wrong place feel free to move it 2 da correct area.
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    hi am new to the forums. i now i am late to let u guyz now that am new but i joined in dec 05