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    Possible BBS Main Screen Shown?

    It's just probaly for the demo but you never know. And yeah I wish it wasn't that blury.
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    Never KHFM never came out and RE:COM is comeing to the US in December.
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    Does the new Aqua info change the order you'll want to play BBS?

    Nah I still want to find out about Vens story first than play as Terra.
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    I feel stupid that I just realized this T_T

    Hmm I never noticed that thanks for posting it.
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    Are You Going To Buy It?

    Well when RE: Chain of Memories comes out in the USA how many of you plan on actualy getting it? I do because I want to get all the games in the series and i hope it will be better than the GBA version. Your thoughts?
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    The Legend of Kage 2

    Well here it is the news on the classic arcade game news taken straight from Square Enix offical site. Well there it is enjoy!
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    which organization fight was the hardest for you to beat

    Xigbar was the hardest. Xaldin and Demxy where sort of hard the others where easy.
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    How long did it take you to beat KHII?

    Hmm it took a two week period and about 32 hrs.
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    Awesome Roxas Here!

    Well Im new obviously and well of course Im introduceing my self to everyone so Im Awesome Roxas and this is the first KH site Ive joined in a while and actualy decided to stay so yeah hye guys.