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  1. KentoXBlade

    Looking for a Rank S or Rank A Unicornis team to join

    Here is my current deck: I'm very active at night but not very active at day because I have classes on weekdays. My only problem is I need to collect some ether if you want me to do 200M LUX or higher. I can do approximately 100M LUX/week without using any ether. My ranking was 941 last...
  2. KentoXBlade

    I'm going to die now, I want a team in KINGDOM HEARTS χ[chi]

    Hi!! everyone my user name in the game is KentoXBlade. I'm now LV.37, Unicorus Union, LUX ranking no.11384. I know how to use BP efficiently and effectively. Now, I need a team to join and kill many raid bosses together:cool:. I'm going to die if I cannot acquire any SR card T^T.