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    358/2 days cgi scene?

    ...aw, thx anyway :cry:
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    358/2 days cgi scene?

    Aw, I don't want to spoil it for myself -_-' Can somebody please tell me if it's CGI? *hopeful look*
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    358/2 days cgi scene?

    He means Re:Com and Com didn't have a CGI scene, but yeah, it was a bit hard to understand...
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    358/2 days cgi scene?

    But they might have a CGI/FMV scene for the end. I'm just wondering if they have any at all...
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    358/2 days cgi scene?

    I hope I don't sound rude by saying this (believe me, I"m not trying to be mean at all), but can somebody who actually played the game tell me if it had any CGI scenes? I'm just wondering, since I know many people imported the game and all ^_^'
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    358/2 days cgi scene?

    I was just wondering, since I'm sure a few people have already beaten the games, does 358/2 days have any CGI scenes? I'm not sure if I'm using the right term, but you know how in the beginning and end of KH and KH2, there were scenes in high quality, kind of like something from a pixar film...
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    New 358/2 Days Trailer!

    Wow, this was amazing! It was a bit choppy, tho, but at least we got to see it :) Also, the sound seems distorted, cuz even the voices sound weird, but maybe I'm wrong... Damn, wouldn't it be weird if she turned into Sora? No wonder Roxas freaked out o_0 (and again, I would imagine a bigger...
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    New Scan of Magazine Cover.

    Wow, I love the cover! The poses, everything ^-^ I gotta say, I didn't know about Roxas's change from KH to KHFM+, but I've always sensed a difference. I think I like the newer one, tho. At least, I think. It's weird, I can't really say. I wish I had more pics to compare from ^-^' Either way...
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    How the hell did Goofy know About Axel? this must be a goof

    I would chalk it up to the fact that Goofy just knows everything...seriously, he gets all his guesses right (except once, in the beginning, HA! :D). But, I do think I remember that, and I'm pretty sure Axel was mentioned to them before (even then, Goofy would probably have known, anyway, cuz...
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    KH Novels

    Thx! Can't wait to read them :)
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    KH Novels

    I'm so sorry if this is in the wrong section, please feel free to close it or move it if need be :embarassed: I was wondering about the translations for the KH novels, because I know they haven't been out in North America yet, but sometimes people make allusions to them in this site, and I'm...
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    358/2 Days FMV?

    I read that, too, and I was wondering the same thing. I hope they do, I'll love to see Axel in FMV mode =D
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    Birth by Sleep Trailers

    Eh, on the matter of Ven's heart opening the whole Kingdom Hearts, I actually do think it's possible. But, it matter's who Ven Is. He's not a princess of heart, or anything, but maybe he's something even more powerful we don't know about yet. But, it's all theories until BBS comes out (which I...
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    Quinton Flynn's Voice Acting

    Blame it on Roxas :tongue: I kind of agree, at first i didn't like his voice, but then I thought of how he was supposed to be different and all, and I guess it kind of fits. I mean, I could think of him being more emotionless before Roxas came. I think that makes sense, you know, because after...
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    Possible Cover Art for 358/2 Days...

    I don't think it's the menu screen. Usually the menu screen is just a simple picture of the main character (so far it has been, at least). It has too much to it, but I think it'll be in the game booklet (or whatever those little instruction manuals that come with the game) tho.
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    Fanfiction ► A Long Night (Terra/Aqua friendship)

    wow, this was so cute and sweet, I have this tingly feeling inside, now ^_^ keep up the good work :)
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    BBS trailer most damage

    I think part of it was Ven being the weaker of the others. He didn't seem to be as 'experienced', well, at least to me...
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    Marluxia - One of the Most Powerful Threats to Org. XIII

    I know this is probably a bit off topic, but where can you read these novels? I always hear about them, but I can't find any translations for them or anything -_-'
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    BBS trailer most damage

    Yes, but how do we know Terra became Xeahanort, or lost his life? We don't know that, yet ;P (If we do, please excuse what I just said, I guess I'm just a noob ^-^')
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    Marluxia - One of the Most Powerful Threats to Org. XIII

    ^ good point ^_^ Either way, I think he does have something to do with death...maybe...