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  1. Changer

    Little Advice for the Superbosses

    Thanks a lot, that answered pretty much all of my questions.
  2. Changer

    Was Master Xehanort time traveling

    So when Master Xehanort first showed up in 3D, I got the impression that this was the reincarnated Xehanort made after the demise of Ansem and Xemnas. After thinking about it though that didn't seem to make much sense for a few reasons. Firstly, Ansem is Apprentice Xehanort's Heartless, and...
  3. Changer

    Little Advice for the Superbosses

    So I just got to Hollow Bastion, and I decided that I would go ahead and see if I could get some good advice for the Superbosses (Sephiroth/Xemnas). First off, I never block, haven't needed to yet this playthrough and I just prefer dodging in all honesty. However I know that the strategies...
  4. Changer

    Could KH3 be released on the series' 13th anniversary

    So like the title said, do you guys think that KH3 will be released on the 13th anniversary of the series debut, which in Japan's case, was March 28th, 2002? Most guesses already point to the game being released in 2015, so do you think that Square will go for the exact 13th anniversary date?
  5. Changer

    The Party System in KH3

    So basically this is a thread to discuss how we think the Party system will work in KH3. I think that it would be if we focused on two things 1) What we want to happen 2) What we think will happen To start things off, I would be ecstatic if we got a more traditional FF style Party, like the...
  6. Changer

    Ansem Fight

    I found it useful to use Dark Splicer right when he pushes you back, as you'll immediately teleport straight to him.
  7. Changer

    Could Ven be a Darkness?

    Alright, this is my first thread so please forgive me if there is some subtle nuance of thread making that I happen to miss this time. So after playing 3D again and listening to YX list the other candidates to be the 13th Darkness, I realized that since they would have already tried both Sora...
  8. Changer

    Does armor in BBS have secondary uses?

    It would have been nice if this was reflected in game by a slight defense boost, plus additional resistance to darkness damage.