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    96.3 WDVD ROCKS!!!!

    hi this is for 96.3 fans. you can talk about any topic from the raido show once you join. you need a nickname and to listen 96.3 frequently.
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    Crisis Wars

    Plot : Edge is under attack by the Legion of Phoenix,Deepground,and the Genesis Army.The WRO was able to hold the city for a short while but it soon fell.Once General Devon was informed of this he took action immeadtly took action.Reeve had planned to send a Batallion of WRO troops So Devon...
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    Crisis Wars (Sign Up/Characters) Open to new members

    Background Story: 1/ The Division The WRO who had been funded by Rufus Shinra starts to slowly fear that Rufus, behind his good intention, hopes to control the world once more through the WRO. Reeves, not stupid, decide to stop using Rufus’s money for the WRO and express directly his fear to...