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  1. J

    Fight me.

    First off, I’d like to take the time to introduce myself. I am Jace, and I love to rp. I have posted across the web on multiple sites, both in battles as well as full length elaborative stories. More than anything else, however, is my ever growing appetite for a worthy challenge in a battle. I...
  2. J

    A Simple Survey

    Your Favorite Foods (School Project) This is a survey to help me with a school project. Its only 4 questions and wont take long at all, complete at your leisure! Takes less than 20 seconds, I thank all that are willing to help. :D just follow the link above
  3. J

    A Test

    This is an open challenge to anyone who wishes to join. Any power character will be accepted. You can also use any template design you want with your character. This battle is simply for fun, and to test my newest creation. Battle type: PC Battle arena: Desolate grassland Other: Multiple...
  4. J

    An ACCEPTABLE rp character. Help

    If it is alright i need help in modifying a character so that i dont god mod. I posted it below for review if anyone wants to read such along profile. I would be eternally gratefull if anyone could help me. Thanks. This is it, History is to be extended later. Name: Jace Jerevinan Age: 17,521...
  5. J

    Begginer practice.

    This is a mele rp. no skills no abilities, no magic, just pure weapon skill. The Setting will be an arena with spectators sitting and standing in a wide circle. A bio is not required, and there can be enchanted weapons Here is the template that youll have to use. Name Age Race Weapons/Armor...
  6. J

    Open Challenge *Again*

    To all those people out there this is an open challenge to everyone for the second time. Anyone can join at any time. The rules are the same as posted in the sticky This is a power batlle rp. Ive posted before and now understand the rules and would like to start anew The Setting will be a...
  7. J

    Beginner Battle Open Challenge

    To all those people out there this is an open challenge to everyone. Anyone can join at any time. The rules are the same as posted in the sticky This is a Mele batlle rp. I am new to this and have never fought before, i have a very broad imagination. So youll still will have a tough time...
  8. J

    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    SPOILER what about that secret boss. on one of the scans on this cite i think i saw sora fighting one of those armored people right?
  9. J

    Heartless, Nobodies, and another?

    there are some clues i have found that lead to a third evil force. one of these clues are found in the eigth ansem report in kingdom hearts heres what it says "There is no doubt that the Heartless are deeply connected to the people's hearts. Further study may unravel both their motivations and...
  10. J

    Kh2 Card Game

    I was surfing online on japenese cites for kh news. and i found that in japan this year on the 28 of october there is a card battle game called endless darkness and it has all of the characters on cards i dont know much about it but ill look it up.