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  1. Villen

    News ► The World Ends With You Teaser Site Opens!

    The good side of living in a country where the gaming culture is poor is that this kind of game is easy to find because no one buys it. Two clicks and done, TWEWY was coming home. :3
  2. Villen

    Help/Support ► Internet Explorer 9

    Opera, then Chrome/Chromium if you don't want google peeking at you. IE since forever and Firefox since 2 are really horrendous.
  3. Villen

    How to Enter the Sleeping Worlds

    I think a lot of these problems will be adressed in the next entry of the series. Nomura isn't dumb, his problem is just that he does not plan ahead but usually he adresses the inconsistencies, I don't think he will just leave those holes. It's just like in KH1 where it was established that the...
  4. Villen

    Gameinformer review

    It's not that the story is "deep", it's just out of our comfort zone. The key points in the series managed to use familiar words to different things, the universe runs differently. It's not just in a "magical" way - there's a great degree of surrealism and symbolism. That's why we can't say...
  5. Villen

    Has This Become Anyone Else's Favorite Game?

    The Kingdom Hearts series is one of my top 5 videogame series but none of the games individually holds a spot. Does that makes sense? I kind of love the whole picture but the games itselves all have little (or great) flaws. Anyway, inside the series I think this one is as good as BBS which is my...
  6. Villen

    About KH3D revelations and taoism

    Ok, so, Kingdom Hearts is very heavy on taoism. The realms stuff, the heart and the Tao, light and darkness, yin & yang and everything. But, as the time travel reveals itself I wasn't sure so I went to read about it and found an interesting link: CHAPTER XX I found that even though there's no...
  7. Villen

    What highlights the game.

    Flowmotion is amazing. I know that the previous games didn't have the world structure for it but I think that mainly in KH2 the flowmotion would be the best thing ever. If we ever have a HD port of the games I think the flowmotion would be a great extra but I don't think they'll bother to add it...
  8. Villen

    358/2 Days: What am I missing?

    If we just wanted characters that "contributed to the series" (thing that Xion does, actually) we wouldn't have games with more than five hours. It's about character development, and Days is full of it in a lot of ways. Not only the three main characters, but the Org. as a whole. Also is one of...
  9. Villen

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Ok, I don't know if I'm still following it. My game is finally arriving tomorrow, so: does the portal glitch happens even if we do that skipping thing with Riku? Sorry, I read through all the topic but since I still don't understand this portal mechanics (because i haven't played yet, i assume...
  10. Villen

    Is there a difference in-game between normal and mark of mastery edition?

    Yeah, the first version was 150 Reais (kind of $75) and the MoM was 250 Reais ($125). Games here are veeery expensive. But thank you everyone! It's great to know that it doesn't matter which version I play first. Moderators can close the thread, then. :D
  11. Villen

    Is there a difference in-game between normal and mark of mastery edition?

    So, I bought the first version a while ago and recently i found some people selling MoM here in brazil and bought it too. Then I plan to play the version that arrives here first, which I think will be the normal one and sell the other one to a friend (but keeping the MoM box and bonuses to...
  12. Villen

    Help/Support ► So Sad... Even as an adult...

    I used to be really sad, I had many breakdowns during high school to the point that i couldn't even step on a classroom even though there wasn't anyone teasing me. It was just the thought of people around that scared me. I lost so many classes during that time that it's not even funny. I was a...
  13. Villen

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Production Error!

    I think you should stick with this one. I mean it's rarer than the regular MoM edition! When I bought my Resident Evil Revelations I really looked around for any of the "Revelaitons" boxes to see if I could get one of them. It's kinda cool to have those boxes with production errors.
  14. Villen

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Releases Today in NA!

    Here in brazil i don't know when we will have the game ): preordered it and all (hell, i preordered both the regular and the MoM edition) but i have to wait till the stores receive it. I hope they get the game today so I can get it tomorrow or after tomorrow, but the wait is excruciating.
  15. Villen


    Hi guys. My name is Guilherme Alves Galvão, I'm 20 and i'm Brazilian. I always come to KHI when there's a new game on the Kingdom Hearts series coming so I can learn about some features and all (namely, this time, the Spirits) and end up reading a ton of discussion about the series, so I finally...