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    FFVII chattin

    What are your thoughts on Vincent Valentine? I wanna know your opinion! I know some poeple who adore him. I also know pleople who hate him with a passion. Leave your opinions! There are no wrong answers! :) and please dont be all "this is stupid" ok? *beg* i've already been told that alot and it...
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    could Xion be...

    i once met a few crazy people at an anime convention that said that they think that Vexen may have made Xion out of Namine's data and changed her look on purpose. i think they're nuts but you never know. i also think that they're the only ones of their kind.
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    If you can improve KH2 what will you do?

    O_O everybody hates kairi. . . . . . . . .i dont HATE her. i just think shes annoying. there should be less of her. but she should still be in the game. and like i said before. MORE SEXY RIKU!!!!!!!!!!!!:P i wanna be able to play him :D :3
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    So She Dances part 4

    ok so once again i try. Mine is part of my other fan-fiction. a riku love story. i stuck to some stuff into it to make it interesting. please enjoy! :tongue::23::36: ----------------------------------------------------------- MINES POV This had so far been the best night of my life. All...
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    so she dances part 3

    i have once again tried. hope you like. oh and Mine is pronounced Me-neigh. thanks us!:embarassed::36: ----------------------------------------------------- Nanix POV I woke up to soft lips meeting mine. I stared unflinchingly in to sky-blue eyes and deep blonde...
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    So She Dances (2)

    once again i try meh best. plz enjoy. and thank you. :23: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roxas POV “Grrr. Stupid Axel.” I mumbled. “Black hair, blue streaks, red-orange eyes, blue tank top, and cargo pants.” I continued to...
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    If you can improve KH2 what will you do?

    I would add more axel and make riku's change back to real sexy riku much more dramatic. . . and like others, i want it to be more challenging and with more games! I would like more Roxas too. Like a vis virsa thing (Sora have dreams about Roxas like how Roxas has dreams about Sora! :D)
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    so she dances part 1

    listen, this is a story that i poured my heart and soul into. enjoy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Zexion’s POV “Big-Brother Ien---zo!” I looked up from walking and reading- only to be glomped by her. My reading glasses flew off...
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    Another BBS theory

    I competely see where you are coming from, but look @ all the facts 1. Remember that Xeahnort was Ansems apprentice. So it technicly impossible for that to happen. 2. DS is a part of MX. So DS cant be Xeahnort. And. . . . . . Well thats all i can think of for now. But do your homework...
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    (SPOILERS 358/2 DAYS) Xion Related

    there are many possibilities. maybe he 'feels' jelous (though i highly doubt that). may be there's more requirements, maybe she is not a nobody. im keeping my options open untill the game comes out august 31st. . . only. . . . .197 days to go :P
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    Keyblade Wars theory

    i think that it will have SOME part in BBS but like that 1 person said, normura stated that it would only SLIGHTLY over lap. and can SOMEONE inform me on all these acronyms???? TT_TT like BWHoPL? and DS (i forgot that one)? i know what the others are but im confuzled. imstill gettin the...
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    Re: Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unbirths So Far so very informative! my heads spinning!! @-@ thanks a bunch! i know so much more than b4. imma gonna go read about 358/2 now ^^
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    i dont get why ppl hate kairi!!!!! i dont! i mean, alot of ppl think that she's some sorta whore or slut! dont believe me? LOOK ON YOUTUBE, GOOGLE, DEVIANART, WHATEVER AND YOU"LL FIN EVIDENCE!!!! alot of ppl hate kairi and i dont kno WHY!!!!!!!!!! so lets share. why do you like/DISlike kairi...
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    Am I Alone on This?

    i think its a good game. i know the card system is hard and i know the storyline is a bit confusing. but think out of the box for a second. if this game never come out than the other games would never connect! so no matter how much you hate it the great games would not have been made without...
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    I GIVE UP!!!!!!

    this websites too hard on a girl like me. im new here but im giving up on theorys. i wont be posting those anymore. i mean- im an ametur when it comes to this stuff- i mean- i know more than i should about the organization (org XIII) but that's it D':so youll never hear a theory from me ever...
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    newest kh therory. NO FLAMES!!!!

    ok heres the lowdown, this may have been sayed and even denied but i think that Ven is soras older brother. yes, all the ppl think its terra. I BEG TO DIFFER! here are my reasons: 1. soras nobody (and meh bishie) roxas looks almost exactly like Ven. coincidence? you'd have to be an idiot to...
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    i got it!!!!!!!!!! kh 358/2

    im new remember that sorry TT_TT thanks 4 ruining my confedince TT_TT
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    i got it!!!!!!!!!! kh 358/2

    ok heres the low down. there are 365 days in the year right? and 365-358 is 7 right? well heres my theory. . . on that first of the seven days xion dissapears and riku gets custody of roxas. for the next 6 days roxas is in the virtual twilight town. then on the last day that is the day that...
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    HEEEEELP! i kno this doesnt fit but i need help! im new to KHI and i dont really kno my way around TT_TT i dont know how to POST!!!!! send me a message on my page PLZ! i need help! from kh fan to kh fan!!!!!!!!!!! TT_TT