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    Master Chief or a Big Daddy?

    Here is the deal kidds. Who would win, Mater Chief or a Big Daddy? :)
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    UltraViolet Discusion

    Hey everybody i just wanted to know what you guys think about the movie that came out today. Im going to go see UltraViolet in a little bit. I'll come back and tell you what i thought. But what do u guys think?
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    Does anyone here watch G4?

    I was just wondering if anyone else watches G4. And what are your favorite shows? My favorite has to be Attack Of The Show. But i also watch X-Play for the sole reason that i love Morgan Webb. :) For those of you who dont know what G4 is its a television channel we have here in the U.S. and its...
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    Sora's age and if he was locked away!

    Me and my friend are having an argument about wether Sora aged from KH1 to KH2. Does anyone know? Also does anyone know if he was locked away during COM? Thanx
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    KH2 Ending Questions!!

    So i just saw the ending and im sooooo confused! What did the letter say? What were all those different keyblades doing there? Who are those three nights? Whats with thier armor? What did all those words like "keyblade wars" and the others mean? And was that last figure Roxas? If u can help thanks!
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    Kingdom Hearts The Movie

    What is your opionion on a movie version of KH? Wouold it suck and ruin the game for you? Or would it be awesome and u could finally show your friends why this game is so Amazing? Who would u want to do the voices? Want a real life version or digital? What parts would be great and which ones...
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    Favorite thing to do on a saturday?

    What would u do on your dream day?
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    I just want u, to know that u are really special

    This girl knows who she is!:)
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    Hackers the movie!

    I think this is a great movie! So many good characters and a good story! Anyone else seen it?
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    Minions and Slaves

    I am recruting new minions and slaves anyone interested? Help me take over the world!
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    I Got Banned!!!???

    In my KH group on myspace i was banned because i said i liked KHInsider more than Sorasdomain!!! I cant have my own opinion? What do u guys think?!?
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    LOVE What does it mean to u? is the most beautiful thing in the world. It can transform u and change u in som many ways that u are completley different when it is all over. But Love can destroy your heart. Can turn u into a biter and selfesh and scared person. Anything that can hurt u that much is something...