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  1. Gamingdevotee

    One thing I really hope for in Final Fantasy XV

    So I was watching the latest episode of FFXV Brotherhood. Ignis' episode and something occurred to me. You know what would be cool in XV? An arcade area!I mean we saw Noctis in one and we know they have video games in the world of XV, epically due to how they built up Justice Monsters V. So I...
  2. Gamingdevotee

    Moments you loved from Kingdom Hearts

    Hey all been a while since I posted anything, so I figured I would fix that by posting something fun for you guys to think about :D Anyway what I was thinking about was just starting a thread where we can remember all of our favourite moments from Kingdom Hearts. This applies to any game in the...
  3. Gamingdevotee

    KH3 Guesses and Speculations

    Hey everybody how are you doing? So I have been thinking a lot about KH3 and what could happen in it and in the end I decided to start making some speculations and guesses if you will of what could and might happen in KH3. Now obviously none of these are guaranteed or even correct at all, but I...
  4. Gamingdevotee

    One thing I hope they do in KH3

    Hey newbie to the site who has been lurking for a little bit (mainly the last couple of weeks), been a Kingdom Hearts fan since KH2 and loved it so much I went back and started playing all the other KH games. Anyway so I was thinking of something that had been bothering me that I would love to...