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  1. Koji

    Foreteller Boss Fights

    I like some of these ideas. The second beast form sounds great. I would like something similar to KH2. I did not like KH3s rushed style. I think we should have Disney worlds with Disney stories and just hints at the Foretellers. Then a return to the Disney worlds for an original KH Foreteller...
  2. Koji

    Final Fantasy XV

    Makes sense, however I feel the DLC episodes should have just been part of the game. Just like KH3 Remind. The Ardyn episode makes him a much deeper villain that can be related to. This and KH3 feels like Square decided to release the game as is, and actually conclude it later in DLC after...
  3. Koji

    Birth of Nobodies: Full Understanding

    I have been playing KH for years and realized I still don't fully understand this topic. Even a Google search didn't explain what I wanted to know. How are nobodies born? It's pretty obvious they are not born where the somebody became a heartless. They are always born from strong hearts in...
  4. Koji

    My AMVs

    I made 2 AMVs (animated music videos), they're pretty good quality picture, but the sound has been altered to avoid copyright issues. The first one is FF7: Last Order and Advent Children Complete s5a463COJcI (Oh, I left some sound effects in because I tried uploading it before and it was...
  5. Koji

    Sephiroth in BBS

    It would be neat if Sephiroth was in BBS. But it needs to follow the KH story. Sephiroth is Cloud's darkness and that is the main point. Since BBS is in the past, perhaps we will get to see what exactly happened to Cloud for him to form such a fatal dark side.
  6. Koji

    Separating Sound Channels

    I need a program that can separate the sound channels recorded on a DVD. Like when the movie is recorded in surround using 5.1 channels, I just want to get the sound of the center speaker and save it as a sound file. Help me out please.
  7. Koji

    Birth by Sleep - Controls

    Yeah, that makes sense. Except I would think that the command bar restores on its own but not right away. You wont be able to use one move consecutively (except for the fight bar at the bottom), but if you got through the 2 other commands on the list, the command you used first should be full...
  8. Koji

    Clouds Sword

    ^Doesnt really explain why this one is bandaged. http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/4706/cloudsbandagedbusterswojz0.jpg In Advent Children, his sword used to split into 6 pieces, but in FF7, it didnt. He used this sword. http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/9122/busterswordcczo7.jpg In KH1, that...
  9. Koji

    3D Movie Maker

    An extremely rare game. My parents bought it way back when we got MS Windows 95. I loved this game alot, and I was wondering if anyone else here has played it. I'm also looking for an updated one. I got the normal one, the Nickelodeon one, and the Doraemon addons, but is there a totally new...
  10. Koji

    Clouds Sword

    I dont recall the sword being bandaged in FF7 nor was it mentioned that Cloud tried to protect it. Both in the gameplay and the FMVs, its not bandaged. I seriously doubt it has anything to do with Zack or Angeal since they're not part of KH, and KH Cloud wouldnt know them. I see where this idea...
  11. Koji

    Uhh hi, i'm new to the internet...help!

    It is complicated. I suggest you get Kingdom Hearts 2 since it is very close to KH2FM+ Most people just want it to fight the Lingering Sentiment. If you just want videos then go here YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. and search for Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ cutscenes or boss battles.
  12. Koji

    Kairi's Kidnapper

    Thats just one of the unrealistic things of KH2. Like how Kairi noticed the door to darkness before it appeared. Riku cant teleport, he opens a dark path for him to get from place to place. But during that scene he had the path opened for Kairi to go through and was standing inside it. That...
  13. Koji

    Kairi's Kidnapper

    I dunno if I quite get what you're saying. Riku opened the portal for Kairi and waited in the path until Kairi crossed safely, so if Riku was behind her, and the whistling came from the other end of the portal then it cant be Riku who whistled. Is that what you mean (because that makes perfect...
  14. Koji

    Kairi's Kidnapper

    Perhaps when Mickey was whistling, Riku was already in the portal. Riku is sneaky because he didnt want anyone to find out what happened to him. Funny how, near the end, when Pluto is there he took the chance to back away and let Kairi see him rather than chase Saix and finish off the...
  15. Koji

    Sin Hearvest/Descend Heartless Angel

    Dunno if someone did this already. What does Sephiroth really say? We discussed this for years, strategy guides say one thing, internet sources say another. Looks like Crisis Core ends the debate on what Sephiroth's big attack in KH1 and KH2, leaving 0MP and 1HP, is called. Some claim he says...
  16. Koji

    Kairi's Kidnapper

    duh. Why on earth would you start talking about that when we're talking about something totally different. Did you even read the first post. We know that Axel kidnapped Kairi from Twilight Town, then Saix kidnapped her from Axel, then Namine helped her out later. Thats all fact. We're talking...
  17. Koji

    Kairi's Kidnapper

    Well. Mickey controls Pluto since it is his dog and he has been wondering the darkness. Riku has the power to open dark paths leading to virtually anywhere. No, Riku was just travelling around at the time and giving Sora clues. Mickey had not yet met up with Sora. Its only after they find the...
  18. Koji

    Kairi's Kidnapper

    I think it was Mickey calling Pluto because it is his dog after all. The organization guy that Kairi sees in the portal is Riku who probably opened the portal to get Kairi there. I dont think that Riku would call Pluto or that Pluto would respond to Riku. In one scene it actually looks like Riku...
  19. Koji

    ff7 in kh series

    I wouldnt link the KH story to FF7. Cloud's wing was there from the first KH as well (cant remember if it was in KH2 , because he does do a move where he flies around the place). Cloud most likely has a wing because he is using his darkside to fight at certain parts in battle. His darkside is...
  20. Koji

    30 Days of Night

    I was talking about this somewhere else so I thought I'd checked if anyone watched this movie here. I thought it was pretty good, but alot of the ideas were used before. Alot of the movie was also wasted to pointless violence. The story: The small Alaskan town, Barrow, has prepared for their 30...