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    Favorite boss.

    A+ lol exactly this. And leechgrave, because I'm really sadistic.
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    Re: CoM - Sleights

    Re: CoM - Sleights -rants about sonic blade- You can basically defeat almost any boss if you had a deck with a lot of 0s and a lot of sonic blades and elixirs. Sonic blade helped a tonn, and because of them, I hardly died against any organization Boss. Sonic blade keeps them from putting out...
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    In CoM which org member took the longest

    You have the oppurtunity to play Riku's story after you finish Sora's story. When you finished Sora's story, just start a new Game and choose to play as Riku.
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    The new Boss in the NA version of BBS...

    Hehehe, that would be awesome xD I imagine it would be another final fantasy character like genesis.
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    Some English BBS Screens

    OMG I'm so giddy I think I'll piss myself with all the epic-ness Hopefully, they'll release the game a lot sooner, if they're already releasing screenshots, then the game must be almost ready to go.
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    Fanfiction ► Depths of the Dark

    Thanks for readingg :) I'm surprise that some actually read it xD Haha I'm planning on it being pretty long, but not unbearably long. I guess it'll depends on how impatient I am to get to the main points. Several worlds might get cut depending if they're that important to the story ^_^ City of...
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    Fanfiction ► Depths of the Dark

    Prologue: Night of Fate Reprieve "Am I just a remnant of nothingness? A particle of oblivion. A mistake created from a mistake. Does my existance make sense in the world? Do I belong? Is this what it feels like? Sorrow, guilt, rage, disgust. Emotions from an empty soul who has not...
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    Fanfiction ► Depths of the Dark

    Kingdom Hearts: Depths of the Dark Sora reconnects the missing pieces Worlds I'm using Regimes of Light: Destiny Islands Midnight River Radiant Garden Valley of Diedra Disney Worlds: Disney Town Neverland Wonderland Olympus Coliseum Enchanted Dominion Castle of Dreams...
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    Fanfiction ► The Fan-Fic Writer's Moving Sidewalk

    Exactlyy. For me, whats important is not to make my writing repetitive and using choppy sentences :\ Also, when i create OCs, I have to make them non-sue. Thats super important.
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    In CoM which org member took the longest

    Mann, when I got to the Zexion fight, I was dying on the inside because I love Zexion so much, it hurt to kill him. You can kill most of the organization members easily just by breaking card - smacking - break card - smack. Thats why Marluxia was harder for me since I couldn't do that.
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    In CoM which org member took the longest

    Marluxia. hehe because i defeated everyone else quite easily. I probably had them all in under 3-4 minutes or so, i don't rememberr.
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    Which Organization member did you enjoy taking out most?

    Saix because I really hate his character to no end.
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    Just one question about Ienzo

    LOL that made it sound like he's schizoprenic xD I just think he was a shy kid. I didn't talk a lot as a kid either but it might have to do with the trauma from losing his parents. I'm super curious as to who his parents are and what happened to them. This might give Ienzo/Zexion some screentime...
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    Who else thinks its stupid that...

    :\ i don't think its stupid that he's alive. Who's to say that he won't have a significant role in the plot in the next games? He might end up being one of the most important characters in the series or something. Then you guys are gonna be eating your words.
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    Keyblade War and Radiant Garden

    I thought it was already common knowledge that the Keyblade War occured thousands of years before BBS -_-
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    Plot Twist?

    I think sora 's the only one who was surprised by all this. So I don't consider it a plot twist, just dramatic irony.
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    Radiant Garden's destruction

    Yeah it's confusing, but I think it's because in destiny Islands, Ansem was already there before the door was opened. So perhaps when Riku opened the door, ansem just had more time to do something about it and bombarded the word an it's heart with darkness. Radiant Garden was probably a much...
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    Depictions of Asians in American Films

    Yeah, I get that this topic is discussed a lot, but just right now I was catching up on some "The Last Airbender" movie news, and I literally facepalmed when I saw who the cast is. Whoever watches Avatar: The last Airbender could tell that the setting of the show is based on Chinese, shintoism...
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    Am I the only one...

    ^ riku's story was basically walk-in-kill-the-boss-walk-out. It got boring :|
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    Should Maleficient have been in KHII?

    ^ to be quite honest, I would facepalm if she appears in the next game. Like a serious facepalm.