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  1. Nutari

    Bungie Leaves Activision

    You read that right folks. Bungie broke off from Activision and got their rights for Destiny back. We'll finally get the game we wanted (I hope!) Here's the link to their blog post: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/47569 -------- "When we first launched our partnership with...
  2. Nutari

    Sweet Release

    Hey so this is a story I submitted for a short story competition. Didn't win, but it was definitely a fun one to write. Enjoy! Trigger warning: deals with the topic of death, murder, and suicide, sorta. It's speculative fiction about the future of death... so yeah. It's not in your face about...
  3. Nutari

    Oh Joy, I'm Back!

    Oh look, one of the older farts from the good ol' days is back! If anybody remembers me from my off brand Drain-o days (re: aldrain), then hey, long time no see! Things that have changed literally since the last time I was here: Graduated college with an English/Communication degree and a...
  4. Nutari

    I Like Illustrator

    I took my stuff down, I decided it might not be good to throw so much of my work out here w/o watermarks.
  5. Nutari

    Moody Instrumentals

    Does anybody have some excellently moody instrumental tracks for me to listen make into a playlist on Spotify? I discovered that I write astronomically better poetry and Gothic fiction if I have droning guitars and somber pianos. Thanks ya'll ;)
  6. Nutari

    SotM: Sprites Voting Thread

    Hey ya'll! Unfortunately there was a pretty small turn out this month. I'm going to make these threads more flashy eventually, but I ran out of time and energy to make the tag wall (which would be super pretty to look at all on its own). So here's the deal: -Rank them in your post. But only...
  7. Nutari

    I'm Out (For the Summer)

    Well boys and girls, I'm going on hiatus for a few months- I won't be back until August 2nd or so. And then I'll be on and off for a few weeks after. So, I hope you guys hang in (don't burn the place down, please and thank you!!) there, and don't miss me too much! If you do feel like missing me...
  8. Nutari

    The [Human] Heart

    The [Human] Heart Why is the heart so eager to give itself away? To fell wanted; to feel complete? The despair that is faced, In the moments that yield regret- Why must the heart suffer the pain of yesterday? Darkness falls, guilt stirs- Seemingly just to bring the mind, Back...
  9. Nutari


    Apathy Is it possible that I could not care less? Life comes sprinting by, and all I can do is blink- And it is gone- moments missed. I cannot even find a reason to show my distress, For life is simply too fleeting- At least, that is how I seem to see things this day. I know time is...
  10. Nutari

    The Hatchet in Innocence

    The Hatchet in Innocence The destruction of Innocence claws at the seams of the world. Yet, we simply walk by with our heads down, We acknowledge the evil- but merely slap the wrist, Leaving those afflicted broken and gnarled. What are these seeds we have sown? Our complacency has lead us to...
  11. Nutari

    Revelation Project

    So, I ended up doing an extra credit assignment for my New Testament class. It took roughly 12 hours to do...
  12. Nutari

    TAG DUMP!!!!

    So, yeah, I've been quite busy with tags lately. Here are all my latest works :) As always, critiques are welcome!
  13. Nutari

    The Weight of Silence

    Well, I would like to present to you my first (of many hopefully, because I love this poetic form) Villanelle. I've grown a general dislike for free form poetry. I have found that I enjoy structure and form, and so, I have learned how to write in the Villanelle form, originally a French and...
  14. Nutari

    How to Transfer CS5 Around

    I know some of you guys know how to get around the activation crap. Here's the thing, I got the full CS5 suite from a job over the summer, and I never deleted it. Now, that's already kind of unethical. Thing is, I think my ex boss changed the adobe passcode, so I can't get in anymore. I was...
  15. Nutari

    Music ► Fight the Silence Tour

    Has anybody here been to a show on this tour yet? Tonight's show in Joliet, IL was freaking insane. For those of you who don't know the line up: Fit for a King/ The Plot in You/ Stray From the Path/ Like Moths to a Flame/ For Today. If you have been on it, I'd love to talk about your experience...
  16. Nutari

    TV ► Helix

    So, I got done watching the first three episodes on SyFy. Has anybody else watched it yet? What do you guys think of it so far? I feel that it's a pretty promising SyFy show, instead of some of their other dead-from-the-start original series'. For those of you who are curious, here is a...
  17. Nutari

    Circumstances of Lost/Gained Faith

    I've been here for quite a long time. I no longer particularly care about Kingdom Hearts, but I care about the people here, even if I don't know them. I also have noticed that over the years, a lot of you guys have had your views transformed, or outright changed. So, I think it would make some...
  18. Nutari

    Long Time No See

    Hey guys, it's been a while. COLLEGE HAS BEEN CRAZY, MY OH MY. Anyway, I got back into my tagging kick, mainly because drawing is failing me :( Anyway, one of my favorite bands is For Today, and well, they've been releasing some new songs, so I thought it was about time to make something...
  19. Nutari

    Fanfiction ► Majora's Mask Sequel/Rewrite

    As the name implies, my question is, how would you feel about a sequel, but in my mind an alternate story from the land of Termina. I know many of you have not read my stories, or seen/enjoyed my writings from the past. What I was thinking of today was, what if Adult Link stumbled into Termina...
  20. Nutari

    Not That I'm Fishing For Birthday Wishes Or Anything...

    But, I'm totally fishing for birthday wishes. I'm 18 now. Heck yes! Quick! What can't I do anymore?