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  1. I<3Kiari

    Go through the Alphabet before somebody posts a Xehanort pic

    As the title suggests, you must go through the alphabet before sombody posts a Xehanort picture without double posting. EX:Sora: A is for applejack Donald: B is for blueberries Goofy: C is for cantaloupe Mickey: D is for Dogs 'n cats Sora: E is for elephant Xehanort: Allow me to start...
  2. I<3Kiari

    Death Note: Reckoning

    Intro: 07/15/2015 5 Shinigami dropped their Death Notes in the Human World, near Tokyo, Japan. All 5 were found by humans, each using one for their own intents and purposes. Some may use it to change the world, some to further themselves. But one thing is for sure, This is going to end badly...
  3. I<3Kiari

    Discussion ► Kingdom Hearts: Arcana Official Struggle Tournament February 2015 Discussion

    Welcome to The first OFFICIAL Struggle Tournament Discussion thread! Current brackets: I will replace this with a new updated version after each round. NPC CONTROLERS: Setzer:SwagStar Hayner: SwagStar
  4. I<3Kiari

    Character ► [ACCEPTED] Kiari's Amazing characters

    I'll always be there to bring you back Name: Riku Age: 14 Weapons/Abilities: A Blade Shaped Like A Dragon's Wing. (Sorry I Dont Know the Name)/Fire Appearance: Has shoulder length silver hair, (y is Riku so hard to describe?) Has (blue?) Eyes. Wears a black and yellow shirt and bluish black...
  5. I<3Kiari

    New Original Roleplay

    I want to make a new rp But can't think of what type so you guys pick
  6. I<3Kiari

    Intrest gauge:Pokemon: Kalos adventures

    I was wondering if any one would be interested if I made a RP that takes place after X/Y with a new team called Team Glacier (im might need some help) players will b able to be Team glacier members or ordinary trainers plus all of the Kalos gym leaders will be up for grabs.
  7. I<3Kiari

    Inheritance Cycle: The Vault of Souls Broken Open

    This RP follows the events of the Inheritance Cycle till the point of the vault of souls story line at which murtag discovers the plan to go to vorenguard and he to goes to the vault of souls and eragon and murtag each grab half the eggs and return to their respective army, then they have people...
  8. I<3Kiari

    Fall of The Empire(a fantasy rp) (OOC/DISCUSSION)

    BACKGROUND:The Empire of Tazi was peaceful for 1,000 years before a civil war began ending it all, now 5 factions duke it out for control of it. 1.The Imperials, the supporters of the only heir to the throne, Harmond Tazi. 2.The Harnek, the rebelion that started the civil war searching for...
  9. I<3Kiari

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? ya thats an awesome idea cuz then that would open up a lot of fun things to do and they could add a surfing mini-game!