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    Fanfiction ► The Forgotten Warrior

    snowy don't start crying please it might make me cry(not very likely though)
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    Fanfiction ► Unsure (not the actual title)

    currently working on chap 3, got up at five(eastern U.S. time). i'm not going to spoil details but i will tell you that chap. 3 will explain more about the characters and what happened at the wedding.
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    Fanfiction ► Unsure (not the actual title)

    over the past 5 days i've been writing a short story and i wanted to share it with the masses (although it probably is going to be hated) Chapter one: prologue to a joyous occasion Upon a fine summer’s eve does our story begin? A garden filled with cherry blossoms, white roses, and red...
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    Fanfiction ► The Forgotten Warrior

    Nelo, you my friend have an amazing talent. based on what's here so far 8.5/10
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    Create a Rider

    Inspired by the create a member thread, I have taken the liberty of staring this little trifle which everyone (who hates me) is going to abhor. The gist of it is you create your own dragon rider (if you don't know what that is you need to read Eragon). You can create them from the ground up...
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    Help/Support ► two different problems. HELP NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!

    For your first problem just let the guy down, tell him things aren't working for you. just be gentle about it, guys in that kind of situation are fragile. For your second problem don't admit that you are fully bi, but that you are bi-curious. Being bi-curious is nothing wrong it's quite...
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    Help/Support ► If you need help getting that certain guy or gal come here!

    I am another testimate that Sara actually has it right
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    Dante V.S. Vergil

    Nelo and I have been argueing over this and it's time to decide I side with the games main character, Dante
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    Help/Support ► If you need help getting that certain guy or gal come here!

    I second that notion, my dad is a raving alchoholic p.s. i don't need to be called sir, I just don't like that title to be associated with my name
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    Help/Support ► If you need help getting that certain guy or gal come here!

    If you don't beleive that's fine, but don't go bashing other's beleifs, all right bub? the pm is in your box ma'am
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    This is not what you think, I am actually disscussing how a stupid joke was turned into prevailing thought. I.E. how in god's name did axel and roxas become gay and are assumed to be in a relationship.
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    I'm probably not the only one who likes these books, if it wasn't for that almost weeklong stay in the hospital i would have never thought twice about reading these books. Now I absoultely love these books although they are a little skimpy on action and eldest skipped around between characters.
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    post your theme song

    Post a link to your theme song I have some:Staind pressure Disturbed stricken YouTube - Kakashi Hatate's Tribute! YouTube - Hed PE - Crazy Life (car crash video)
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    Help/Support ► Frono has finally met the infamous question...

    if you're giving her hints she should have picked up on them and noticed you like her,she's probably acting a little coy
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    anti-soki club for anti-sokiness

    :thumbup: name says it all vent all your anger towards me in here with other people that hate me
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    the guild

    at my school we always have what we call the 8th grade mafia and now it's time to bring it full circle, there are open positions, and personal biases don't matter each member will create a codename and pass word our meetings wil be held over pm or e-mail: soki: codename Axel, password:090870
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    Help/Support ► I have a question

    you might want to try thinking about it a while before you start worrying
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    good v. evil

    what exactly is good or evil? what exactly defines it? do humans define it or does some divine being define what both are?
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    Help/Support ► I've Got A Nice Question!

    yeah. no one uses them, but they have them
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    well i'm preety sure no one's done this so here goes someone calls out a catagory and everyone gets a turn saying something that falls into that *ex* caller:auto makers others: ford honda crocker harley toyota preety easy huh i'll start:prison weapons toothbrush shiv