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    sepiroth fight

    plz, i beat him only with oblivion, lv 49, in critical.
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    How to get new cards?

    no, i mean the new cards that are not in kh:com
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    How to get new cards?

    How to get the new cards? Just have the finished save data of FM or must have the finished data and play from the beginning?
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    CoM Question

    yes you should, cause it will fill in the plot hole if you just play kh to kh2...
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    Riku Story

    1. Finish Sora's story 2. The same as KH:CoM's 3. Yes it is 4. Of course 5. Depending on your likings. Riku cannot modify his deck, but his attacks are cooler than Sora's. Especially DUEL (when you and your enemy use a card with the same number, you can DUEL by pressing triangle). 6. From the...
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    Hi! I'm new here!

    Hi! I'm new here... I hope I can have a good time! Thanks!