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    Help with Organization 13 members

    So guys how come we dont get to fight other organization members like IV Vexen V Lexaeus VI Zexion XI Marluxia XII Larxene
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    Kairi in KH2 is freakin hawt!

    Her longer hair in kh2 looks way better than kh1.
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    Kairi in KH2 is freakin hawt!

    yeah, she was awesome in kh2, unlike kh1 a little redhair kid.
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    Sanctuary vs Passion

    Despite that fact that it is a little bit dragged , Sanctuary is kind of a song that is full of emotions. I really liked the part that has the guitar playing in the background.
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    when did you get final form

    Using magic in Final Form is really awesome . It is totally different than the other forms. Magic becomes really powerfull.
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    when did you get final form

    Well, I have heard that it is randomly obtained by driving in The World That Never Was. But I have got it when I was in the Olympus Coliseum-Godess of Fate Cup
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    item drop percentages and what world to go to

    There is a heartless that drops a really good staff for Donald. It is called Shaman. While I was playing beating some Shamans up, one Shaman droped an item. It was called Shaman's Relic. It is the second strongest weapon for Donald. Well, if you want to get it equip Luck accessories and...
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    Ifrit and Dark Thorn similarity.

    While I was playin KH2, I have encountered the heartless Dark Thorn in the Ball Room at the Beast's Castle. At first I thought that it was the Aeon Ifrit from FFX. I found out that it was a heartless. It looks alot like Ifrit especially with the red hair and the claws. If you have seen it in...
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    Shawdow Sora huh?

    I changed into Anti Form when I was battling the heartless Dark Thorn.At first I thought it was one of the heartless's techniques to change Sora into a dark one just like a heartless.
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    Format Convert Trick

    Well, I have discovered a File Format Converting Trick. Here it goes. Go to My Documents. Click Tools, Folders Options. View . Now you will have a list of Options. Uncheck the ''Hide Extensions For Known File Types''. Now go to your Music or Video file. Right click the file and then click...
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    Stupid winnie the pooh

    Yeah that sure is a fine trick, I had no trouble with it.
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    FAQ: Magic and Summons

    Hey thanks for everything . You have really put an effort into this.
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    The KH2 NOVEL.

    I see,thats bad. I think it has a manga cover but , its a novel, well not really sure ,but thats what it says in the site that provided me with the info.
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    The KH2 NOVEL.

    What do they mock the characters ?
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    kh1 was a waste of time everbody!

    I agree with sharikaari . The story of kh2 is based on kh1 if you dont play kh1 you will get confused in kh2.
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    The KH2 NOVEL.

    Yeah thats right , it turned out to be a manga.
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    question about things said in the sora vs roxas battle

    Okay so, have you got in comments on twilight riku's post.
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    The KH2 NOVEL.

    Well , I think it is a novel cause thats what it actually says.
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    The KH2 NOVEL.

    A KINGDOM HEARTS 2 Manga I dont know if you have seen this or no. But a kh2 novel will be released in Japan in Aprill 22nd it will be a while for North America to get it . Here is a summary of the Manga. Story starts off in Twilight Town. There, the boy, Roxas, is enjoying his summer vacation...
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    question about things said in the sora vs roxas battle

    Well I have just got the game from a couple of days .