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    New video game by Arc System Works (Guilty Gear). Due to the legal stuff involving the merge of Sega and Sammy, It's tough for Arcsys to do anything with guilty gear. Thus they made a new fighter called BlazBlue YouTube - BlazBlue: AOU 2008 Trailer Obviously yuo can see its the same...
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    The Holloways

    Was recommended to me by Last.Fm. pretty decent band. YouTube - The Holloways - Generator
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    2D Fighters.

    Just a thread to list your favorite 2D fighters and why. My List Is. Game: Guilty Gear X Plus - Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Reason: Most Balanced 2D Fighter, and the most fun IMO. It takes a while to get really into it but once you do its worth it. Holy Order Sol and Trash Tier Zappa Ftw...
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    Help/Support ► Girls are Trouble....

    I have to agree with this 100% Many times I have heard people at school telling whoever they're dating that they love them. At one point I just felt the need to tell them. Are you sure you love them? I bet in a few months, or maybe tomorrow, you will break up. Both of you will regret having...
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    {Music} Patrick Wolf.

    Great Musician. Sexy as hell too. Any other fans? Much greatness coming from a man that can play about 15 instruments. Three albums out so far, all of them are great. Lycanthropy. Wind In The Wires. The Magic Position. The first two differ from The Magic posistion due to its main focus of...
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    Recommend Me Some Good Artist/Bands V.2

    So I've Done This before, but this time I'm looking for some new suggestions. My music taste has changed from before so, I think people will be able to give me much more artists. So, same as before, give me a band or aritst thats good, according to this list. Broken Social Scene Tokyo Police...
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    Clouds Sword

    Typo of course. anyone can of course tell I mean FF7. Context clues.
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    Clouds Sword

    I'll Say it again. The Final Fantasy Universe has nothing to do with the KH series. This was confirmed a long time ago.
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    Clouds Sword

    Let me make this short and sweet. The FInal Fantasy Universe has nothing to do with the KH series. Thus, if cloud dies in the FFVIII compilation, doesn't mean he wont be in the next KH. In KH1 Cloud used the Buster Sword. The bandages are there for decoration. in KH2 he used the First...
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    Kairi's Kidnapper

    Riku. As it has been said over and over. Everything has been explained on how it couldnt be anyone else. Please, if you're going to say it was another person, back it up.
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    Help/Support ► I'm Letting My hair Grow, And...

    I Actually dont want to go anywehere to get my hiar styled D: if I can do it myself, I will. Though if its something complicated, then I will go. Anymore suggestions? Right now Darkly Aesthetics seems to be the best D:
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    Help/Support ► I'm Letting My hair Grow, And...

    lol, I figured you would post a pic of yourself Gavin <3. Lawlz. I'll keep it in mind. D: Fellow Hispanic D: D: I'll note that
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    Help/Support ► I'm Letting My hair Grow, And...

    Lawlz. Well since he's giving me the suggestion I would trust him more with giving me a picture of an example. Sure, I could find myself a pic. But what if it isn't exactly what he ment. Post whore <_< Well, we'll see whether or not I do look good in due time.
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    Help/Support ► I'm Letting My hair Grow, And...

    Thats what I made this thread for, suggestions D: Hmm... Give me a pic as an example
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    Help/Support ► Torn...

    I Love You Gavin Dx You Always Know What To Say D:
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    Help/Support ► I'm Letting My hair Grow, And...

    I Need opinions or suggestions on how long or what type of style I should use. Should I change the hair color? What possibilities are there for me to do? What would look good on me? Thank you for your help :] I've decided to let it grow in december, so it has been like, 3-4 months that...
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    Good Bye Everyone.

    Due to some things coming up and me having to get more focused on my studies I can no longer visit this site. I wish to say good bye to all the friends I have made here. Gildragon Blue Sky Mon DT Neloangelo Rixam Skater nobody Gungeonx Dark Disciple. A few others and i apologize if I forgot...
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    sora's new look

    I Lol'd Quoted for the truth
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    Help/Support ► On a college level , woman level how do I know if she likes me?

    There is also a reason for a non KH section Involving Intel Discussion. Fail