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    A question about the strategy guide

    What's different between the normal and limited edition guides for KH2?
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    About the 2nd scene after the Roxas battle

    It's been more than a year since KH2FM+ was released so I'm pretty sure most of you have already seen it. 1st of all, how did this happen? Did Roxas in that moment of his stumble retreat into his mind? 2nd of all, how did Axel get there? Didn't he already die (fade away)? And why does he look...
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    About the Org. Weapons

    Does anyone know how a member gets their weapon? Since Roxas is the Nobody of someone who can use the Keyblade, he pretty much inherited the ability. But what about the others? They've been shown to summon their weapons so maybe they're born with them.
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    I doubt you all have thought of this

    Has anyone thought of the possibility that certain characters (like FF characters Leon and Cloud) may return? I thought of this when looking at the scan with Malificent in it. It was said that BBS is to take place years before the original Kingdom Hearts. That's around the same time Leon (at...
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    E.S. Fight

    Not really. All you have to do is beat the game and the portal will appear on your 3rd trip to Disney Castle on your second playthrough. Other things are unlocked as well (like the Cavern of Rembrance). I think beating the game is like a test to qualify for the hard stuff.
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    Most fun boss to fight?

    Demyx. Using Show Stealer can make anyone's day.
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    Jin from Samurai Champloo is...

    Kirk Thorton has been the VA (Voice Actor) for Saix of KH2 and has done some work in anime (like Samurai Champloo).
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    ZOMG! Terra - Level 1 - Decisive Pumpkin - No Damage!

    Defeating the Lingering Spirit is no easy feat so not many people have actually beat him (most have probably watched someone else beat him).
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    need help to perform a continues combo

    The Keyblade you're talking about is the Fatal Crest and the ability is Charge Beserk. That is right.
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    Possible mistake about Saïx

    Was he also faking uneasiness as well? It's just that from the way things turned out for him, it would've been better if he was just a Dusk.
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    Possible mistake about Saïx

    So is it possible Saix's Beserk Mode hints at what kind of person he was? Could he have been a vengeful person?
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    White Mushroom and the Black Fungus

    What about Gravity, Stop, and Cure? Or are those unneccessary?
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    White Mushroom and the Black Fungus

    I finally got the White Room and Black Room cards, but I'm not sure on what to do. I'm told to defeat the Black Fungus, but I'm not sure how I can help the White Mushroom. Any suggestions?
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    CODED closist to Kingdom hearts 3.

    I got a question: WHY is Coded on the Mobile Phone (which is said to currently not exist yet)? Is this supposed to reach out to the Mobile Genre?
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    Foreshadowing Anti Form

    After Sora gets his new clothes, if you examine one of the mirrors, a message will appear saying "An image of you overcome by Darkness flows into your mind" (you don't actually get to see the image). Now this could foreshadow Anti Form or just be a reminded of that one time Sora became a...
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    Larxene's book from CoM Manga

    But wouldn't that be an even bigger shock?
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    The Strongest Element

    What could we say is the strongest element of the KH series? My opinion is that it's Dawn.
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    Kingdom Hearts ll

    A better challenge and more Org. fights...man I need FM+...
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    Riku and his memories...

    Nothing. Riku has no cutscenes in those worlds whatsoever (except for Boss Fights).
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    Riku and his memories...

    The same worlds in different order. There's nothing new for Riku. What're you talking about? If you bothered to read the Ansem Reports, you would've known that by the time ATW met Riku, he already knew about the Nobodies. It was said that even though Riku didn't trust Diz at first, he had no...