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    action replay codes

    I think I just crapped myself in glee. I need to get one of these, 'Cause Ive always wanted Cloud/Saix/Riku/Mickey/Roxas/Leon in my party, and now I CAN!!! WHOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!
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    what Path

    Why is there no Dawn? I wanna be Dawn! I think Dawn must be More Light then Dark, not Dark going to Light because Riku was never Evil, just misguided.
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    Fanfiction ► The Pimpkey

    I kinda liked the first two, But I agree with that one guy. Trying to be ghetto.
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Haha, codes ruin everything. Seriously. They just ruin the whole experience. And I hate people who brag about beating a hard game (With codes.) Cause y'know what? Its not that hard to bring up internet and look for cheats cause you cant beat the game yourself. (Even thought Ive used them before...)