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    Terra, "Merry Christmas!" Plus a Christmas Tree made of Roses =]

    Terra: Merry Christmas XD by *CBJ3 on deviantART .:1Y-2M A Merry Christmas :D by *CBJ3 on deviantART Enjoy! =D Available for download as my gift to you. ^_^ ~CBJ3
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    Seeking Freedom

    Seeking Freedom by *CBJ3 on deviantART Tried for some symbolism =] Hope you all like it!
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    Re: COM Wallpaper Add to your Desktop if you like :]

    Re: COM Wallpaper Add to your Desktop if you like :] Re:CHAINofMEMORIES Wallpaper by *CBJ3 on deviantART Hope you guys like it. I just recently pre-ordered Re:COM for NA and I'm PSYCHED! XD
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    .:Ultima Weapons:. Four Original Creations.

    Hey, guys. Well, it's certainly been a long time since I've last posted something, and so I decided to visit once more and drop off a few weapon designs I've created. Second sentence, and you're probably falling asleep as I'm a very boring writer, lol. Here they are. Please enjoy and read...
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    FFX Rikku + More Art from yours truly.

    Hey there, guys. Been a long time since I've visited the site's forum; too long. Just wanted to share some of my recent work. .:Rikku:. Fire Queen by *CBJ3 on deviantART Lightning King by *CBJ3 on deviantART .:The Infinities of a Heart:. by *CBJ3 on deviantART .:An Inspiration:. by *CBJ3 on...
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    Twilight Cover Mix

    I'm hooked on the Twilight series :P Decided to doodle on photoshop. This is not photomaniped, all was done from scratch. (I'm almost done with New Moon and moving on to Eclipse soon) If the administration sees fit to remove this thread for its irrelevence to KH, I have no problem with that...
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    Light of the Heart

    Light of the Heart| Weapon Designs that are magic based. Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been here so I thought I'd drop by and show you guys some of my latest work. Light of the Heart by ~CBJ3 on deviantART I used a pic of Kairi as a reference to make this, hope you guys like it (btw...
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    ideas on cool new abilities

    holy crap! im so sorry! (wow thats like tha biggest coincidence thats ever happened to me). ill shut it down as soon as i figure out how, heh.
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    ideas on cool new abilities

    This thread is basicly for anyone who wants to write about a ability that they think would be cool to see in kh2. One -o- my ideas for a cool ability is called "trinity fusion". where obviously you can fuse with donald and goofy at the same time. Just like brave form cept u can use magic and the...