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  1. J

    Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core scans!!!

    http://img127.imageshack.us/img127/7060/459936qg.jpg http://img127.imageshack.us/img127/8696/459926fh.jpg http://img127.imageshack.us/img127/4040/459942yw.jpg http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/1154/45557gn.jpg And as in almost every new S-E game Tetsuya nomura has done the cool art for this...
  2. J

    when u first get kh2.........

    This thread is crazy! Just as I will be when i get my hands on it! Seriously im gonna freaking flip out!!! And of course drool all over the game, my ps2 and my TV. Yea thats pretty much what im gonna do.
  3. J

    I dunno if this is old or not...

    http://www.gamespot.com/news/6143910.html but it says that passions english name is sanctuary and sorry if this is old :(
  4. J

    Scan of Manga

    It seems so and it sure looks cool thanks Xaldin
  5. J

    KH2 passion planet B remix HERE

    Thanks this is very nice find, I like it it`s so cool.
  6. J

    European Release Date???

    There is not supposed to be any release date threads so I think this is going to be closed pretty soon, but thanks anyway.
  7. J

    Pic of heartless Sora

    Yea I just found it out myself aswell and sora sure does look bad ass in that anti-Sora form.
  8. J

    Pic of heartless Sora

    http://files.filefront.com/Soras_anti_form/;4529150;;/fileinfo.html There he is in the action :)
  9. J

    If you have plaid kh com then plz look.

    As I mentioned before Riku fights Ansem, who is in rikus mind trying to control him but with king mickeys and diz`s help he overcomes the darkness inside him so that`s where the fight clip is from. Even though it`s not a physical battle it`s more of an batte for rikus mind.
  10. J

    If you have plaid kh com then plz look.

    Well you know sora and co. enter the castle oblivion and a unknown tells sora that if you go any further you will start to lose memories. Well Sora and co. still continue further into castle and soon they find out that castle oblivion is 13th orders hideout and sora battle many of them in the...
  11. J

    *If You Are an Anti-Spoiler Gamer for Kh2 only!*

    So shorty you`re saying that we who don`t want to spoil the game to ourselves actually go to spoiler forums. Now why would we want to do that to ourselves?
  12. J

    *If You Are an Anti-Spoiler Gamer for Kh2 only!*

    How many things has been spoiled to you because the thread title didn`t tell that it contains spoilers? Well for me it`s atleast five and yea I agree with all of you with this "spoilers in non-spoilers forums" thing it`s just not right.
  13. J

    if ur no kh pushover

    In one preview (I think it was Gamespots) it said that it there would be 30-40 hours of gameplay but that`s only plot`s lenght right...RIGHT? Because it can`t be that short, now can it?
  14. J

    ******Kingdom Hearts 2 REVIEW*******9.5/10 <<SEE WHY HERE

    Yeah I thought about that lenght thing too. I was thinking it would be twice as long, but I guess that`s only the plots lenght (at least that`s what I hope) But it will be a great game, no doubt about that :D
  15. J

    Passion Discussion Thread

    Does anybody else here have all 3 versions of Passion, `cause I sure do and I like the remix the most because it has the more rockish type of thinggy in middle of the song (that part where Utada sings:"My heart is a battle ground")
  16. J

    Cloud, Sephiroth, Aerith and Leon Scans!!!

    What, really?! Well then can someone close this please? Edit: Oh! They we`re on the front page. I`m sorry for this.
  17. J

    Cloud, Sephiroth, Aerith and Leon Scans!!!

    Go check them out! http://www.kh2.co.uk/
  18. J

    Sora into darkness

    Two birds with one stone!!! That was exatly what I was supposed to write but I didn`t know how to write it in english (because I`m finnish)
  19. J

    Sora into darkness

    I think he want`s to enter the world of darkness because riku might be there. In one trailer Sora stands in front of the dark portal and says:"So is riku really here" (or something like that) and enters the portal. But maybe he can find namine as well so it would be Sora`s lucky day.
  20. J

    Pretty sure this doesn't count as a spoiler...

    i`m gonna go with standard and is anybody here gonna play the game again with the firet person mode? I thought it would be fun to try